Become Unbreakable: Your Guide to Training, Eating, and Thinking Like a Spartan

Become Unbreakable: Your Guide to Training, Eating, and Thinking Like a Spartan
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You might be feeling antsy, nervous, frustrated, and even scared.

We get it. We understand.

But what you have to remember is that we're Spartans, and we've been preparing for this moment for more than 10 years.

We're built and wired to withstand, to defeat, to overcome, to survive, to thrive.

Spartans are unbreakable because we know how to fuel our bodies and our minds.

Even though our daily lives may have been temporarily upended or interrupted, it's not an excuse to sit and stew, or take your foot off the gas pedal.

Don't look at this situation as a setback, but rather as an opportunity — an opportunity to show your mettle and prove that you're capable of handling anything and everything that life throws your way.

When you get back to the office and back on the course, you're going to be ready.

So What Does It Mean To Be Unbreakable?

To become unbreakable, you must:

  1. Work out daily,
  2. Eat clean and hydrate, and
  3. Actively practice self-care.

Working out daily means five 30-minute workouts weekly, daily morning mobility, and two active recovery days per week.

Eating clean and hydrating means no sugar, no processed foods, no alcohol, and drinking 1 gallon of water daily.

For self-care, we urge you to meditate daily, do a breathing routine after you wake up in the morning, keep your stress level below a 3, and exercise your brain.

Reading makes you so much smarter!

How Can Spartan Help You Become Unbreakable?

We're here to guide you in your quest to become unbreakable.

Every day on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, we're going to feature the following:

- Inspirational commentary from our fearless leader, Spartan CEO and founder Joe De Sena, as well as interviews with elite trainers, motivators, and entrepreneurs
- Daily workouts, which you can do outside or in your basement, from elite trainers
- Immune-boosting recipes and nutritional advice from expert dietitians, chefs, and professional athletes
- Thoughtful quotes, pearls of wisdom, and general lifestyle advice from brilliant minds across all walks of life

    And much, MUCH more. We'll be sharing highlights of this content daily, so check back frequently for the latest workouts, recipes, videos, and articles.

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