Train Hard, Recover Fast With the Best Hydration Drinks + These 5 Nutrients

Train Hard, Recover Fast With the Best Hydration Drinks + These 5 Nutrients

However you choose to move your body, whether it’s a daily run, yoga, team competition or a Spartan Race, once you’re done, it’s crucial to recover. What does the body need to heal and regenerate? What is the best hydration drink? We’ll review some key nutrients and foods that can restore and replenish so you’re ready for whatever comes next.



Movement or exercise for the body is one of the pillars of long-term health and wellness. But, once you’ve pushed your body hard it’s time to recover with the best hydration drink and more. One of the things that happens whether it be aerobic or weight training is that cells in the body consume huge amounts of oxygen. That process, called oxidation, can damage cell membranes and impair their ability to function. Externally, how does this manifest? We’ve all been there…Muscle soreness, inflammation, and fatigue.

What we’re going to talk about for the next few minutes is how to correct that and optimize the healing process.   

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I’m going to list 5 simple steps you can take to jump start the healing and recovery process: I’m a big believer in food as medicine. I love going right to the source and that’s food for nutrients but some of the things I’ll mention do come in supplement (capsule or powder) form but I’m going to mention the food source as well.

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Best Hydration Drink, Essential Nutrients for Recovery + More

Antioxidants. First up, antioxidants like you find in green tea. One specific one to call out is quercetin, found in apples, blueberries, and buckwheat herbal tea.

Anti-inflammation. Next, an anti-inflammatory: Bromelain. It’s an enzyme derived from pineapple you can get it either by drinking the juice or eating the fruit. It’s more concentrated at the core of the pineapple. So, if you’re slicing it up to eat….don’t toss the core!

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Minerals. How about minerals…there’s  one particular mineral that aids muscle recovery and it also calms the brain. It’s magnesium. Available as a supplement, but naturally found in nuts (especially almonds and brazil nuts), seeds (such as pumpkin or flax), and legumes (those include beans, chickpeas, and lentils).

Blood glucose regulation. Another important factor for rapid recovery is healthy blood glucose homeostasis. There’s a natural spice that can help and it’s cinnamon. Based on recent studies it’s thought help with blood sugar control by increasing insulin sensitivity. This can allow the body to better perform tissue repair. Anywhere from about 1-6 grams of cinnamon has been used in clinical studies. How much does that equate to? Well, 1 gram of ground cinnamon is about ½ a teaspoon. So, it doesn’t take much to reap the health benefits.

Hydration. Last up: Rehydrate! And what is the best hydration drink? H2O.  Your body is roughly 55% water for women and 60% for men and you decrease your water stores through perspiration, cellular activity, and metabolism during intense workouts. So drink up!

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5 Nutrients to Aid Body Recovery

#1 Antioxidant: Quercetin

#2 Anti-inflammatory: Bromelain

#3 Mineral: Magnesium

#4 Blood Glucose Balance: Cinnamon

#5 Best Hydration Drink: Water

These easy steps will help you recover optimally post-workout or race!

Key Terms and Ideas

  • During exercise, our bodies consume a lot of oxygen
  • That oxygen consumption contributes to post-exercise muscle soreness, inflammation, and fatigue
  • You want to support the body’s healing process and repair mechanisms
  • 5 nutrients and foods that provide balanced nourishment and support recovery: antioxidants (quercetin in blueberries), anti-inflammatories (bromelain in pineapple), mineral (magnesium in nuts), blood glucose balance (cinnamon), and HYDRATE!


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