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Joe Bala

Joe Bala, 44, San Jose, CA, 36 Spartan Races completed. Joe’s mission is to re-engineer & empower people to realize & reach their full potential through fitness. Improving and maintaining his clients/students physical & mental health through functional movement, strength & conditioning training, habit and mindset are his focus, passion and purpose.

Follow him at: @joebalafitness

Yeniz Parton

41-yr old Mother of two. Yeniz has been a personal trainer and a fitness coach for over 20 years. Yeniz discovered Spartan races in 2015 and since then participated in 83 Spartan Races, most of them competing in Elite and Age Group level. After 10 years coaching traditional fitness her passion shifted to Spartan Race. A desire to help more people and show them how fun fitness can be.

Follow her at: @coach_yeniz_i_fit

Christian Bizzotto

Christian Bizzotto, opened Miami’s first & only dedicated OCR facility, the Focused Movement Academy. Christian has coached thousands of athletes ranging age 4 to 70. In 2018, founded the Warrior Focus Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to bringing OCR to under served youth. Christian now runs a fully online 1:1 coaching program using a proven system to help athletes achieve their podium goals.

Follow him at: @christian_bizzotto

Olga Torres

Olga started her OCR career shortly after having her first daughter and fell in love with the sport ever since (2017). She’s completed 37 Spartan races so far. 12 of them were this year, podiumed 11/12 times (AG): 8 – 1st place finishes, 2 – 2nd, and 1 – 3rd.

Follow her at: @ocr_beastess