Spartan Training®

Unconventional, expert-backed training that works.

SPARTAN TRAINING® is built on unconventional work. Our training system is engineered to expose limits, destroy weakness and leave personal bests in the dust.

The core foundation lies in running, bodyweight movements and functional strength training, blending ancient Spartan wisdom with modern science to give you unparalleled results.

It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. And that’s the point.


Whether you’re aiming for 100% obstacle completion, cross-training for a trail run or just want to move your body, the Spartan FIT App delivers elite routines for any goal, backed by elite trainers and expert advice.

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Trevor Franklin

A fitness instructor from Texas, Trevor delivers serious energy and passion for all things health and wellness. Trevor’s certifications include RKC, ISCA, ISSA, and CF level 1, and he has worked with fitness studios including as Orangetheory, Performix House, and CITYROW.

Lala Duncan

Lala is a Strength Coach and Lead Trainer for the DOGPOUND Gym in New York City where she trains current and former professional athletes and Olympians. She has worked clients across the globe, from Hong Kong, to Denmark, to Japan, to Los Angeles.

Gabe Snow

Gabe is an elite personal trainer based out of New York City who focuses on everything from strength work to cardio to endurance training. His background in neuroscience also makes him uniquely qualified to help hone your mind along with your body.

Jay Markland

Jay is a mixed martial arts and fitness trainer with 10+ years of experience. His passion is instilling the importance of health and fitness throughout the hundreds of clients he continues to work with. He is a Bellator Pro Fighter, as well as a Muay Thai and Kickboxing Champion.

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