The Spartan Immunity Formula: Do This to Stay Healthy and Strong

The Spartan Immunity Formula: Do This to Stay Healthy and Strong
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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve worked hard to provide at-home workouts, simple and nutritious recipes, strategies for keeping your kids active and engaged, and advice on how to remain mentally sharp and focused. We hope our information has helped you persevere and remain resilient during this challenging time. (Based on the phenomenal feedback we’ve received from within the community, it has, and we couldn’t be happier.)

In speaking with doctors, scientists, elite athletes, dietitians, psychologists, thought leaders, and other brilliant experts, we’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. That knowledge has helped inform what we are calling the Spartan Immunity Formula. This will ensure that you become, and remain, UNBREAKABLE.

Spartan Electrolyte Tablets are designed to hydrate you as your body needs. The sustained release technology will slowly release just the right amount of electrolytes into the body over a period of 4-6 hours.

What does it consist of? Incorporate all of this into your daily routine, if you’re not already:

- Vitamin C
- Vitamin D
- Astragalus
- Echinacea
- Zinc
- Tea (Try Spartan Organic Herbal Tea)
- 30 Burpees
- 3-Minute Cold Shower
- Wash Your Hands!

Spartan Organic Herbal Tea is believed to have a positive effect on many ailments and modern science has shown it to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial. anti-microbial, gastro-protective and oxidative stress reduction properties.

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