Go the Spartan Extra Mile With REIGN

Go the Spartan Extra Mile With REIGN
Presented by Spartan Training®

You’ve heard the expression: Go the extra mile. But what does it really mean?

Doing more than you’re asked to do. Showing up earlier. Pushing harder.

It’s something Spartan Founder Joe De Sena learned as a teenager when a neighbor he was working for told him, “on time is late.” And when Joe started a pool-cleaning business it meant taking the extra time to also clean and straighten the patio furniture to make sure everything was perfect.

Going the extra mile is a form of discipline and self-improvement. And when it comes to training and racing, it can help you build your best self.

To honor those who want to do and be more, Spartan has partnered with REIGN Total Body Fuel to offer the Spartan Extra Mile at all remaining outdoor events in 2023.

Once you complete your Ultra, Beast, Super, or Sprint, you’ll have the opportunity to run one more mile. It’s an extra chance to push yourself, and raise the bar on what you thought you were capable of.

All Spartans who complete the Spartan Extra Mile fueled by REIGN will receive a commemorative pin for display on your finisher’s lanyard. Keep it in plain sight as a reminder that going the extra mile is not just a mile run, but a way of life.