Your Unbreakable Day: 23 Essential Morning Stretches and a 15-Minute At-Home Circuit

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During this period of uncertainty, Spartan wants you to stay focused, stay strong, and stay motivated. We want you to become UNBREAKABLE. Every day on Spartan Facebook and this page, we’re featuring new workouts, healthy recipes, mental health advice, and wisdom from our fearless founder and CEO. When it’s all said and done, you will have dominated this difficult period, and you’ll be ready to dominate out on the course.

Check back daily for more updates, and follow this UNBREAKABLE plan to train, eat, and think like a Spartan.

Begin Your Day With Joe De Sena's 23 Essential Stretches

Spartan's CEO does these 23 daily stretches each and every morning, without fail. Incorporate these into your daily routine and be amazed at how much energy you have, and how centered you feel, the rest of the day. For more of Joe's favorite exercises, and how to do them, click here and here.

15-Minute Training Session With a Spartan Pro

Spartan pro Cali Schweikhart welcomed us into her home for a 15-minute circuit. No equipment necessary, it is comprised of just five exercises — burpees (of course), squats, T push-ups, Froggers, and high knees — for 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off. Three rounds later, you'll feel it everywhere.

Diet and Nutrition Tips With Corinna Coffin

Spartan pro and registered dietician Corinna Coffin took us inside her kitchen and offered some healthy, simple recipes for when you're stuck inside. The RD takes us through the steps of making a delicious orzo bean salad with lots of veggies, topped with olive oil and vinegar. Note: Coffin will broadcast live every Monday/Wednesday/Friday on Spartan Facebook, so check back on those days for more recipes and tips.

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Join the Spartan Revolution on Zoom

Feeling a little stir crazy at the moment? Need some face-to-face interaction with fellow Spartans? We hear you, and we've GOT you. Download Zoom, join this channel, and hang with your fellow Spartans during this difficult period. We're here to keep you motivated, strong, and in good spirits.

Survival Kit for Maintaining Relationships

You're probably spending more time than ever with family members while you're hunkered down at home. That's great, isn't it? Well, yes, it certainly is. But it also comes with inherent challenges. The great Dr. Lara Pence, Spartan's Chief Mind Doc and a licensed psychologist, offers tips for now to navigate this period and make the most of it with the ones who matter the most (even when it doesn't always feel that way).

Tune into Spartan Facebook tomorrow — and continue to visit Life.Spartan and our main Unbreakable page — for daily workouts, recipes, tips, videos, and more.

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