This 60-Minute Jump Rope Workout Will Get You Into Stellar Shape While You're Stuck Inside

This 60-Minute Jump Rope Workout Will Get You Into Stellar Shape While You're Stuck Inside
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There's always a way to get a workout in at home, regardless of how much space you have. We tapped two Spartan pros, Mark Batres and Natalie Miano, for a dynamic jump rope workout to help you stay on top of your game and be unbreakable.

"You can do this in your home to replace aerobic stimulus," Miano says. "If you have time in your day for a run or bike ride but you can't get to a treadmill or you don't have access to a trail, you can still get an aerobic stimulus in with a jump rope. All is not lost!"

What You Need to Know

The workout is quite clever. Tell anyone to jump rope for 60 minutes and they'll probably call you crazy or resent you for it. After all, jumping rope is extremely taxing on your calves and quads and requires a lot of coordination, which wanes as you become fatigued. To make it more doable, Miano and Batres have you jump rope for 2-3 minutes minutes a clip before performing a minute of a different exercise, like burpees or reverse lunges. This technique not only trains other muscles, but breaks up the monotony of jump roping for such an extended period of time.

Miano also encourages you to customize the workout to fit your needs. If 60 minutes of jumping rope is too much for you, then scale it down to 30 or 20 minutes. You can also add time. As for the exercises, feel free to swap the moves for whatever exercises you feel like doing. It's all about breaking a sweat and staying active.

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Knees to chest (10 reps)

Arm circles (10 reps)

Toe touches (10 reps)

Backward arm circles (10 reps)

Foot scoops (10 reps)

Alternating quad stretch (10 reps)

Torso twist in lunge position (10 reps each leg)

The Workout

Jump rope (Set a timer for 60 minutes and begin jumping)

Alternating reverse lunges (1 minute on every minute ending in “8”)

Burpees (1 minute on every minute ending in “5”)

Squats w/ side leg lifts (1 minute on every minute ending in “2”)

Planks up-downs (1 minute on every minute ending in “0")

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