Outdoor Strength Conditioning

Outdoor Strength Conditioning
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Today, we’re building your muscular endurance and strength to prepare you for the unique challenges you will face with each obstacle and hill climb. For the greatest training effect use light to moderate weight and aim for perfect form and control with each repetition. For a greater challenge, keep your rest time to 1 minute or less between sets.

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” —Edmund Burke

(Click each exercise to view a video that shows proper technique. Always perform each movement in a controlled and strict manner.)


75 Jumping Jacks Burpees: 2 x 15 reps Bear Crawl: 2 x 25 yards

Main Set: Strength Circuit

Pushups 3 x 10 to 15 reps Hollow Hold 3 x 20 to 40 seconds Transverse Split Squats 3 x 10 reps

Dips 3 x 10 to 15 reps Bulgarian Split Squats 3 x 10 to 15 reps Hanging Leg Raises 3 x 5 to 10 reps

Pullups 3 x 5 - max Plank 3 x 30 seconds to 1 minute

Run up a steep incline (or treadmill on max gradient) for 30 seconds. Recover up to 1 minute. Repeat 4-8 times.

Cool Down

Stretch and Foam Roll

Beginner Version: Reduce Rep Count Advanced Version: Increase Rep Count

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This week we are working on our hill climbing fitness. To get a workout plan to make you better in the mountains read our Conquer Any Mountain Training Plan