Crush Your Week With These 5 Resistance Band Core Workouts (Part 2)

Crush Your Week With These 5 Resistance Band Core Workouts (Part 2)
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We want you to crush each and every week, so every Sunday we're supplying you with five efficient workouts that you can do any time — and anywhere — to maximize your potential and make the most of every day.

Resistance bands are fundamental for functional training and are light enough to provide a solid workout wherever you are. They teach control and promote better form, while protecting your joints to prevent injury.

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Bands are designed for use in the types of compound exercises in this week's workouts, courtesy of Spartan SGX Coach Jess Kidd. Choose your own weight, but make sure it allows you to maintain proper form while still challenging you. These core-torcher exercises will strengthen various body parts by focusing on core engagement and recruiting your stabilizing muscles. Pro tip: Don't forget to breathe! 

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How to Strengthen Core With Bands

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