Hollow Hold: Workout of the Day Featured Exercise

Hollow Hold: Workout of the Day Featured Exercise
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The hollow hold is an isometric bodyweight exercise with variations that are used in every aspect of training; from rehabilitation up through power and athleticism. This motion develops a tight and stable core in which power and energy can be transferred throughout the entire body without interruption. It is how acrobatic athletes have the ability to generate power in their swings, or stay tight in functional work, or even prevent injury when maneuvering through an obstacle. The hollow hold is single-handedly the most effective core stability exercise for every Spartan Racer who specializes in obstacles. 


To perform the basic hollow hold, you will begin by laying flat on your back. Squeeze your ankles together, initiating your glutes, while simultaneously squeezing your arms next to your ears. This will tighten your upper body. Make sure you press your lower back into the floor as your arms and feet leave the ground. You will come into a hollow-body, crescent moon shape. Imagine you are pulling your navel into your spine and your body feels as if every muscle is tightened. Begin your hollow holds in this fashion. Once you have strengthened this movement, you can begin rocking from head to feet and back, maintaining this position. For the advanced Spartan, practice this movement while hanging from your monkey bars or pull up bars. This will lead to swing generation, ultimately opening up your shoulder mobility and allowing you to move throughout the monkey bars, the multi-rig, and the twister with ease.

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Hollow Hold

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