WATCH: Every Stronger21 Workout in One Place (+ Bonus Content to Help You Crush Each One)

WATCH: Every Stronger21 Workout in One Place (+ Bonus Content to Help You Crush Each One)

2020 is over, and 2021 is here. In the first month of the new year, we want you to get STRONGER. How will we help you achieve this goal? With free, 21-minute workouts every day this month. Every day on our Instagram page and Facebook page, at 12 p.m. ET, we're unveiling a new workout, led by one of our Master Coaches. These workouts, created and shaped by some of the most renowned trainers in the world, were handpicked to get you in badass shape, and race ready, in just 31 days.

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Friday, Jan. 1

Kettlebell Athletic Strength With Master Coach Trevor Franklin

In this quick HIIT (high-intensity interval training) session, Master Coach Trevor Franklin guides us through five strength-based exercises, using only a kettlebell. Like anything requiring an external load, he suggests other means for getting the benefit of the added weight, such as water jugs or a backpack full of books.

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Saturday, Jan. 2

Lower-Body Muscular Endurance With Master Coach Gabe Snow

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Sunday, Jan. 3

Plyometric Crusher With Master Coach Kristina Centenari

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Monday, Jan. 4

Bodyweight Crusher With Master Coach Kristina Centenari

In this spicy bodyweight workout, Master Coach Kristina Centenari guides you through 12 total moves, matching you rep for rep. No equipment is needed, so you can do this workout anywhere, at any time. 

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Tuesday, Jan. 5

Full-Body Assault With Master Coach Jason Markland

Master Coach Jason Markland sets this workout up so your entire body gets some action. To get the most out of this workout, he has you doubling down on your strength circuits with active rest. You’ll find the active rest to be a nice balance to the strength moves. Moreover, it will be easy to remember, because it will be the same active rest exercise for the entire workout. Find your zone and push through it. This workout will be over before you know it!

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Wednesday, Jan. 6

Full-Body Bells With Master Coach Lala Duncan

This strength and conditioning-inspired workout takes you through a nonstop kettlebell flow for a full 12 minutes. This style of programming is called EMOM, meaning every minute on the minute, and it's super effective for increasing your cardiovascular and muscular endurance thresholds. Following the 12-minute strength circuit, Master Coach Lala Duncan adds a nice Tabata finisher to complete the workout.

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Thursday, Jan. 7

Full-Body Tabata With Master Coach Logan Aldridge

Master Coach Logan Aldridge guides you through this full-body, interval-based workout designed to build your muscular endurance and make you unbreakable.

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Friday, Jan. 8

Full-Body EMOM With Master Coach Chelsea Potter

Master Coach Chelsea Potter battles it out alongside you as you work to complete this four-move EMOM workout. New to EMOM? We’ve got you covered! EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. This means that you’ll be given a certain number of reps to complete in one minute for each exercise. The faster you complete the reps, the more rest you’ll get, as the leftover time is your rest. Ready? Grab your dumbbells and LET’S GO!

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Saturday, Jan. 9

Bodyweight Movement With Spartan Games Participants Faith Cooke and Grant McCartney


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Sunday, Jan. 10

MORE Tabata With Master Coach Logan Aldridge

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Monday, Jan. 11

Meg's Core Shredder With Master Coach Meg Reardon

Master Coach Meg Reardon has a quick, Tabata-style core finisher in store for you. The best part? It only consists of two moves! Rest assured, the two moves she chose will be more than enough to get the job done.

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Tuesday, Jan. 12

Double Devil With Master Coach Lexie Wohlfort

Double Devil is a quick-paced strength and conditioning workout created and led by Master Coach Lexie Wohlfort. Lexie takes us through an easy-to-master, three-move workout that will leave your legs feeling like jello. Here’s what you’ll need: a jump rope, a box, and a set of dumbbells. 

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Wednesday, Jan. 13

Legs Gone Bad With Master Coach Logan Aldridge

A strong and conditioned lower body is essential come race day. Master Coach Logan Aldridge designed this quick and fast-paced workout to blast your lower body.

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Thursday, Jan. 14

Pistol Whip With Master Coach Logan Aldridge

Being unbreakable means having a solid foundation of strength. Let Master Coach Logan Aldridge challenge your physical durability with this lower-body workout.

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Friday, Jan. 15

TUT Torture With Master Coach Gabe Snow

Master Coach Gabe Snow brings us a unique TUT-centric session. TUT stands for time under tension, and it’s an undervalued method for getting stronger and reducing your risk of injury in the future. In this session, Gabe puts most of the focus on the eccentric phase of each move. This means that the negative (lengthening of the muscle) will be performed in a slow and controlled manner for each rep.

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Saturday, Jan. 16

Killer Bodyweight Workout With Elite CrossFit Athlete Kristi O'Connell

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Sunday, Jan. 17

15-Minute Core Workout With Spartan Games Participant Grant McCartney

Bonus Content: This Core Exercise Rules Them All

Monday, Jan. 18

Dumbbell EMOM With Master Coach Lexie Wohlfort

Master Coach Lexie Wohlfort targets the entire body with this two-dumbbell workout. If you don’t have access to two dumbbells, find a common household item of similar weight. Gallon jugs typically do the trick!

Bonus Content: How to Be a Master of All-Things Fitness (Hint: It Starts With Your Priorities)

Tuesday, Jan. 19

HardCORE Tabata With Master Coach Chelsea Potter

Master Coach Chelsea Potter presents a single-dumbbell workout that gets harder as you progress through the rounds. If you don’t have access to a dumbbell or a kettlebell, don’t worry! Chelsea suggests using something similar, such as a gallon jug. This workout session is a race against yourself. Your goal is to get as many quality reps done as possible for each exercise.

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Wednesday, Jan. 20

Minute to Win It With Master Coach Meg Reardon

Master Coach Meg Reardon introduces a challenge-style session. Her challenge? Complete as many reps as you can for each exercise during the “work” phase. Her goal is for you to get a little better in each round. This is a total-body workout, so get ready to feel the burn everywhere!

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Thursday, Jan. 21

Kettlebell Unilateral Strength With Master Coach Kristina Centenari

Focusing on unilateral (one side at a time) exercises allows you to literally work out your asymmetries. For example, a barbell bench press still allows you to overcompensate with one side. (Typically, your stronger side takes the brunt of the work.) By tweaking the exercise to a dumbbell bench press instead, each arm now has to do the same amount of work to move the weight. Master Coach Kristina Centenari covers six total exercises, each one unilaterally, in this kettlebell session.

Bonus Content: Spartan Notes: Unilateral Exercises to Add to EVERY Workout (+ Why)

Friday, Jan. 22

Foundation of Strength (Lower) With Master Coach Gabe Snow

Master Coach Gabe Snow takes you through a lower-body strength routine that touches on every single muscle in the lower half of your body. The choice of dumbbell weight is all yours, or you can always rack the dumbbell and follow along with just your bodyweight.

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Saturday, Jan. 23

NFL-Inspired Bodyweight Workout With Spartan Games Participant Curt Maggitt

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Sunday, Jan. 24

Bodyweight Strength Workout With Anthony Crouchelli

Bonus Content: Functional Strength Exercises to Boost Your Power

Monday, Jan. 25

Functional Strength With Master Coach Kristina Centenari

Master Coach Kristina Centenari takes us through an exciting five-move strength workout that will reinforce your core stability, grip strength, and total-body control. In this workout, you’ll need access to one kettlebell of medium weight. The pendulum lunge and kettlebell snatch are two moves to look forward to in the workout. 

Bonus Content: Should Men and Women Train Differently? Generally, No — But There Are Caveats

Tuesday, Jan. 26

Posterior Chain Strength With Master Coach Chelsea Potter

This workout is all about building and reinforcing your glutes and hamstrings. In this workout, you’ll work through two lower-body exercises, back to back, in an EMOM-style fashion. The focus here is on unilateral training, meaning we’re training the left and right sides separately. Grab two dumbbells and tune in, because this one’s going to be worth it!

Bonus Content: Do You Have Lazy Glutes? Why You Need to Activate Your Glutes Before Training

Wednesday, Jan. 27

Foundation of Strength (Upper) With Master Coach Gabe Snow

Master Coach Gabe Snow takes us through an upper-body workout that is sure to leave you feeling accomplished. Gabe gets us started with an upper-body-specific warm-up, and then jumps right into the mix, tackling exercises such as the overhead press and renegade row. 

Bonus Content: 4 Keys to Strength and Muscle Building

Thursday, Jan. 28

Core, Core, and More Core With Master Coach Logan Aldridge

Time for Master Coach Logan Aldridge to show you what it takes to develop an unbreakable core, an essential to conquering just about any Spartan obstacle, from the Inverted Wall to the Bucket Carry to the Monkey Bars.

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Friday, Jan. 29

Four-Move Finisher With Master Coach Evan Betts

Master Coach Evan Betts takes us through a full-body finisher workout that's entirely bodyweight. Each circuit focuses on a section of the body and leaves you feeling the burn all over by the end. It’s a quick-paced workout, but you earn your rest after completing the final exercise of each circuit. Relish it!

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Saturday, Jan. 30

Full-Body Workout With Olympian Steph VS

Bonus Content: 7 Full-Body Workouts You Can Do Anywhere, Any Time

Sunday, Jan. 31

15-Minute EMOM Workout With Master Coach Lexie Wohlfort

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