Spartan Standards: The Total-Body Double Devil Workout

Spartan Standards: The Total-Body Double Devil Workout

There are certain workouts that should be staples in every Spartan’s routine. These are the Spartan Standards. In this Spartan Fit franchise, we share how and why to do them. 

From Spartan FIT coach Lexie Wohlfort, Double Devil got its name thanks to two of its feature moves: double unders and the devil’s press. “I also thought it had an easy-to-remember name, so you can always search it and go back to try it again,” says Wohlfort. And that’s the point of the Spartan Standards: You should come back to them over and over.

“Double Devil is an amazing workout to retest as you go through your fitness journey,” says Wohlfort. The first time you try it, write down how long it takes you to complete, as well as what weights you used. Try it again in a few months and see how much you improved.

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Double Devil: Tackle This Full-Body Strength Workout Like a Champ

full-body workout for strength

The Execution: 

After warming up, complete four rounds of 50 double unders (or 80 single unders), 20 weighted step-ups, and 10 devil’s presses. Eliminate the weight for the step-ups and reduce it for the devil’s press to start if you need to. 

The Benefits: 

This workout is an amazing total-body burner,” Wohlfort says. Between the heart rate-revving jump rope and the fast pace of the workout in general, you’ll torch tons of calories and fat. Plus, Wohlfort purposefully included “big” movements — the devil’s press and step-ups — so you can get the most “bank for your buck” strength-wise.

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The Customizations: 

There's so much room to play with this one,” Wohlfort says. The best way to customize it is to vary your speed: “You can go hard in the beginning, keep your rounds consistent, or go full speed at the end.”

If you want to change out any of the movements (say, swap the jump rope for high knees or the step-ups for lunges), just make sure you’re doing so with intention, sticking to the stimulus that’s intended. 

  • The jump rope is there for bounding and to get your heart rate up. 
  • The step-ups are there to use your lower body and give you a moment to breathe before doing the devil's press. 
  • The devil's press uses your whole body for cardio and upper-body strength.

Ready to hit it? Here are the three moves you need to follow along with Wohlfort. See if you can keep up!

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Do It: The Double Devil Workout

full-body workout for strength

Double Unders

Stand tall with your feet close together and your hands at hip level. Grip the rope loosely in your fingers, not your palms. Simultaneously jump up off your toes while rotating your wrist to swing the rope. Land on the balls of your feet and repeat.


Stand tall facing a bench or box with your arms by your sides. Place one foot on the bench or box, then drive upward with your weight in your heel. Stand on the bench or box then slowly lower back to the ground with your other food. Repeat on the other side. 

Devil’s Press 

Stand tall with dumbbells at your side. Drop down to the ground as if you’re in the bottom of a burpee position. Perform a push-up then hop into a squat position with the dumbbells directly underneath you. Explode upward with your hips while snatching the dumbbells up and overhead. Lock out the dumbbells overhead, then slowly return them to your sides and repeat the movement. (Hint, if you don't want to work with dumbbells you can also press a weighted RAM ROLLER.) 

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