The 4-Move Plyometric Slam Ball Workout — and How It Benefits You

The 4-Move Plyometric Slam Ball Workout — and How It Benefits You
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Training at home has never been more important — and it’s never been easier! Sam Stauffer, Spartan’s Director of Training, is taking you through our inventory and explaining how to use each piece of equipment efficiently and effectively. Today’s piece of equipment: the Slam Ball. To browse our collection in the Spartan store, click here, and make sure to check out our full workout database.

The Spartan Slam Ball: What Is It?

Plain and simple, the Slam Ball is designed to be slammed! No need to let up on it. While the idea of slamming anything sounds a tad barbaric, there’s something to it, and that something is power development.

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What It Can Do for You

The ability to create power is not something that’s often talked about or promoted, as it’s assumed to be more for high-level or professional athletes. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You lose your ability to generate power at a much quicker rate than you lose strength. The ability to create power (or in even simpler terms, react quickly) is often the difference between walking away with or without an injury. Simply put,  your reactive ability (reflexes) plays a huge role in your body’s ability to prevent injury.

A few times a week, it's crucial to add some sort of plyometric (power) component into your workout routine. This can be done through bodyweight training, such as jumping or bounding, or through modality-based training such as Olympic lifting and slamming balls.

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The Plyometric Slam Ball Workout

The first thing to keep in mind is that every single rep counts. If you feel yourself losing steam or lazily throwing the Slam Ball, either add more rest time or lower the total reps per exercise. Each repetition should be done with maximum power output and velocity.

Perform 3-5 rounds total.

Burpee Slams: 10 reps

Chest Pass: 10 reps

Reverse Lunge Slams: 8 reps each side

Squat to Overhead Toss: 10 reps each

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