Power Workout: Lift Longer and Get Stronger

Power Workout: Lift Longer and Get Stronger
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When we think of power training, our mind immediately gravitates to heavy lifting and to plyometric exercises. But why is this? Power is the product of force and velocity. In muscle terms, this means the more muscle strength we have to develop force, combined with the quicker we can move, results in more power. For some, this means that we should lift heavy weight faster; for us, we are going to separate the force and the velocity. Our training this week will work with strength exercises supersetted with a plyometric or explosive exercise to create the ultimate power workout. In time, as you become more acquired to power training, you can combine the two for effective Olympic and powerlifting techniques.

The Ultimate Power Workout to Get OCR-Fit

Monday - Pushing

When we think of power, we think about explosive pushing movements. To develop our total pushing power, we are going to work a heavy strength maneuver for short reps, supersetted with an explosive power exercises with a higher repetition scheme. Together, these exercises will develop a strong, powerful push workout.

Pancake Clean and Press - 4x5 Wall Ball 4x10

Chest Press 4x5 Power Push Up 4x10

Squats 4x5 Box Jumps 4x10

Body Saw 4x5 Burpees 4x10

Tuesday - Resisted Sprints

Similar our pushing workout, we are taking our equation for power and applying it to our sprint work. For today, find a sled to push or some form of weight that you can use as a harness to sprint against a resistance. You can also use a steep hill. You will superset a heavy resisted sprint with a flat sprint, with specific rest between workloads.

Heavy Sled Push - 100m

90-95% Sprint - 100m

Rest: 1 min

Repeat 10 Rounds

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Wednesday - Pull

We rarely stress our body in a powerful pulling fashion. Today, we’re changing that. With ach motion, think about engaging the back of your body with each motion. From your calves, your hamstrings, up through to your lats, your posterior chain is about to become a dynamic, explosive unit.

Deadlift - 4x5 Tire Flip/ Ball Slam - 4x10

Inverted Row - 4x5 Jumping Pull Ups - 4x10

High Pull - 4x5 Lateral Slams - 4x10

Hanging Leg Raise - 4x8 Broad Jumps 4x10

Friday - Athleticism

Although we have worked plyometrics into every workout this week, today, we’re honing in on our explosiveness in a pure plyometric AMRAP. Perform the following circuits as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) for 30 minutes. Challenge yourself to push through these 30 minutes with minimal rest.

Squat Jumps - 10 Power Push Ups - 10 Alternating Lunge Jumps - 10 (each leg) Pancake Toss - 10 Ice Skaters - 10 Jumping Pull Ups - 10 Burpees Box Jumps - 10

30 Minute AMRAP

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Saturday - Hill Fartlek

Today’s run will mix in hill running and flat ground recovery. Find your favorite hill or hop on a treadmill and dig deep to make it through today’s Fartlek run. Can you challenge yourself to make each running interval slightly faster than the last?

Warm Up - Jog 5 min

1:00 Uphill Run 1:00 Flat/ Downhill Recovery Jog 2:00 Uphill Run 2:00 Flat/ Downhill Recovery Jog 3:00 Uphill Run 3:00 Flat/ Downhill Recovery Jog 4:00 Uphill Run 4:00 Flat/ Downhill Recovery Jog 5:00 Uphill Run

Cool Down - 5 min Recovery Jog

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