The 8 Best Spartan Training Programs to Take on in 2022

The 8 Best Spartan Training Programs to Take on in 2022

It doesn’t matter where you are with your fitness — a complete beginner or a seasoned elite — our coaches' Spartan training programs on the FIT app are the best in the business. 

Whether you want to crush a race, build muscle, get stronger, or drop some extra weight, we have the workouts and programs to set you up for success.

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After a quick review of the 12 Spartan bodyweight exercise standards and the 30 Spartan functional exercise standards, pick from one of the following Spartan training programs that best fit your fitness goals and ambitions and commit to it. Then, download the Spartan FIT app and get after it.

The Best Spartan Training Programs to Commit to in 2022

1. The RECOMP’D Workout Program With Gabe Snow

RECOMP’D with Spartan Coach Gabe Snow is a 30-day functional training plan specifically designed to redefine the composition of your body. That means you’ll build muscle (and optimize it for performance), shred fat, and forge a tougher mindset in the process. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner looking to make a total life change or an advanced athlete vying for a legendary comeback after taking time away or being sidelined by injury. This Spartan training program can be easily scaled up or down to meet you where you are. 

Start the RECOMP’D workout program on the Spartan FIT app now.

2. The Ultimate Race Prep Workout Program With the Spartan Coaching Team

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If you’re looking to crush your first (or next) Sprint, Stadion, or Super, and already have a base of fitness, then our four-day-per-week or six-day-per-week program is for you. This 30-day Spartan training plan has a mix of aerobic, anaerobic, and strength workouts to get you fully prepped for what’s out on the course.

This program also has a full taper week at the end. Trust the process and let this plan guide you through every step. (Special note to the Spartans out there training for a Beast: Simply add 10, 20+ minutes to the cardio/aerobic days.)

Get started with the Ultimate Race Prep workout program on the Spartan FIT app now.

3. The EXPLODE Workout Program with Poppy Livers

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EXPLODE is a 30-day functional Spartan training program with professional athlete and coach Poppy Livers. No matter your fitness level — beginner or advanced — Poppy will challenge you with his signature techniques and methodologies to sprint faster, jump higher, react quicker, and more. The 30-day EXPLODE program is Poppy’s playbook to athletic domination.

Get started with the EXPLODE workout program on the Spartan FIT app now

4. The 4-Week STRONG & FAST Workout Program With Ryan Hall

In collaboration with 2x Olympian and marathoner Ryan Hall, we designed the 4-Week STRONG & FAST program. Ryan is the fastest American to ever run a marathon, with a time of 2:04:58. (He also holds the U.S. record for the half-marathon, with a time 59:43.)

Since retiring from competitive running in 2016, Ryan gained nearly 50 pounds of muscle and can deadlift 530 pounds. Take Ryan’s learnings and apply them yourself by following the STRONG & FAST program.

5. The 3 DAYS OF BELLS Workout Program With Trevor Franklin

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If you’re new to training with kettlebells or want to start integrating them more into your existing routine, the 3 DAYS OF BELLS workout program is for you.

"Kettlebells not only require strength, but a lot of skill,” Spartan Master Coach Trevor Franklin says. “I would say that this Spartan training program is my general script for training with bells. In these three days, you're going to be heavily challenged with the basics, but it’s also programmed to be safe and progressive."

You’ll build strength, power, endurance, and the ability to swing, squat, and lunge with confidence.

Commit to the 3 DAYS OF BELLS workout program with Spartan Coach Trevor Franklin on the Spartan FIT app.

6. The 7-Day BREAK THE MOLD Program With Kristina Centenari and Gabe Snow

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Let’s say that you’ve been training consistently for a significant amount of time, but have found that your progress has stalled. A slight tweak here or modification there could be just what you need to break a plateau or strengthen an area that’s lagging. If that’s where you’re at, it’s probably time to try something different, and the 7-DAY BREAK THE MOLD Spartan training program is just what you need to get to the next level by introducing you to variety and new challenges. 

Get started with the 7-Day BREAK THE MOLD workout program with Spartan Master Coaches Gabe Snow and Kristina Centenari on the Spartan FIT app.

7. The 28-DAY RUN FASTER Program With the Spartan Coaching Team

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It’s quite possible that strength isn’t an issue for you and it’s more of an endurance struggle. If that’s the case, then the 28-DAY RUN FASTER Spartan training program is where you should focus your efforts. It includes threshold runs, long runs, hill sprints, strength, HIIT, and yoga to get you shaving minutes off your finish time.

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Whether you’re working on a Spartan Sprint, Stadion, Super, Beast, or DEKA event, this will build your endurance engine. Start seeing improvement in your distance runs by following along with the 28-DAY RUN FASTER program.

8. The 1-MILE SPEED Program With Chris Hinshaw

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Sprinting, which you’ll have to do to improve your mile time, increases something called neuroadaptation, which teaches your brain to send the signal to your feet to move faster.

“That ultimately drives a higher level of efficiency," Chris Hinshaw, a top endurance coach who has worked with more than 30 CrossFit Games champions, says. "If you can move fast, then — when you move slow — you can move with better quality.”

Translation: a faster 1-mile sprint time will translate to improvements in longer domains, too. Plus, it’s fun to beat your Spartan training partner or friend in a 1-mile sprint.

Get started with Hinshaw’s 1-MILE SPEED program now. App Logo