In season two of Spartan Games — presented by Air Force Special Warfare — we’re back with a new lineup of elite athletes taking on even more brutal challenges, this time in Big Bear Lake, California.

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meet the season two athletes

Ryan Atkins

Ryan Atkins has established himself as the cream of the crop of the Spartan pro team. He is the reigning Spartan World Champion, Spartan Games Season One champion, and also won the Spartan Ultra World Championship in 2018 and 2019. The Canadian, who is married to fellow Spartan superstar Lindsay Webster, has excelled on American soil too, racking up the most points in the U.S. National Series in both 2016 and 2019.

Meg Reardon

Meg Reardon is a three-time CrossFit Games individual qualifier, topping out at 23rd place at the world-level CrossFit Games. In 2019, she finished first place in the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge Sanctional Event.

Lauren Weeks

Current and two-time Hyrox World Champion, Lauren Weeks has made a name for herself across the fitness landscape, competing in CrossFit competitions, HYROX, DEKA, and Tough Mudder X, among others. The 30-year-old, standing 5'4" and weighing 137 pounds placed fourth at the Tough Mudder X World Championship in 2018.

Hunter McIntyre

One of the most recognizable and revered obstacle course racers and functional fitness competitors in the world. Hunter McIntyre is the 2021 Hyrox World Champion, set the Murph world record (34:13) and has never finished worse than seventh at a Spartan race, with six top-seven Spartan World Championship finishes.

Mack Roesch

Mack Roesch is a legendary fan-favorite functional fitness television star. He is an American Ninja Warrior finalist, NBC Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge champion, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge champion, Telemundo Exatlon finalist and more.

Lindsay Webster

One of the most accomplished Spartan racers of all time, Lindsay Webster is a three-time Spartan World Champion, taking the top spot in Abu Dhabi last December and Lake Tahoe in both 2017 and 2018. Lindsay Webster is the Spartan Games Season One Champion.

Arielle Miller

Arielle Miller is a lifelong athlete and current OCR racer, rock climber and functional fitness athlete. In 2019, she finished in first place at the Air Force Female for Alpha Warrior Challenge. In 2018, she won 2 intermediate bouldering competitions.

Christian Harris

Christian Harris is a competitive CrossFit Games athlete, gym own and entrepreneur. He is most-known for founding the fitness gym and gear brand Move Fast Lift Heavy.

Ryan Kent

With 40 career Spartan victories under his belt — good enough for third all-time — and 64 career podiums (fourth-most all-time), Ryan Kent has been a mainstay on the elite Spartan stage for a long time. Especially comfortable in stadiums, he concluded 2019 with four consecutive Stadium Series victories.

Corinna Coffin

A functional fitness maestro, Corinna Coffin, is a former triathlete and regular DEKA and CrossFit competitor. She's also an accomplished Spartan pro, winning the Spartan Stadium Series in 2019, placing second at the 2014 Spartan World Championship in Killington, and placing first at the 2017 Tough Mudder X World Championship.

Kris Rugloski

Current Spartan Deka Mile record holder, Kris Rugloski has racked up over 40 Spartan podium finishes. When she’s not a full-time fitness coach, she’s adding to her tally of seven 100-mile ultra marathon races.

Veejay Jones

No stranger to pushing himself, Veejay Jones is the youngest Spartan race winner, youngest US National Series race winner and current USNS champ. Since then, he has quickly established himself as a mainstream competitor, winning the 2021 3k OCR World Championship.

Tim Simansky

To some, Tim Simansky is their neighborhood chiropractor. To others, he’s four-time Tactical Games Champion and lauded competitive shooter. To Tim, he’s just a guy who enjoys pushing himself mentally and physically.

Ariana Scalfo

Having spent much of her life disabled due to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility Type), Celiac disease and chronic pain, Ariana Scalfo is now a fitness coach specializing in individuals with EDS, chronic disease and chronic pain. She is also a Texas Run the Rose 11-miler winner, with an 800lb powerlifting total.

Terra Jackson

Former D-1 cross country and track athlete, Terra Jackson is also a three-time Spartan Deka Champion with over 20 Spartan podium finishes. She is also a Boston Marathon qualifier.

Layne Mayerstein

Master Sergeant Layne B. Mayerstein is an Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Operator, assigned to the 330th Special Warfare Recruiting Squadron in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is responsible for the protection of personnel and property through nine different mission areas.

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