3 Ways to Impress Your Friends With Insane Obstacle Skills

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3 Ways to Impress Your Friends With Insane Obstacle Skills
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Let’s imagine you and a few friends all train together for an obstacle course race. You meet every Wednesday for speed work and every weekend for a long run. Everyone in your squad is, for the most part, equally as fit. You can all run at about the same pace, no matter the distance. And if you ran a road or trail race today, you’d all do about the same.

However, when it’s time for a Spartan race, it’s the obstacle specialist of the group that comes out on top. It's the athlete with the combination of endurance, strength, agility, and skill that absolutely dominates the course. 

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If you’re planning to Spartan up and take some friendly competition out onto the course, this advice from seven-time American Ninja Warrior, German Ninja Warrior Grand Champion, and Spartan Games competitor Grant Mccartney will be your secret weapon. He’ll save you some burpees and shave your obstacle completion time in half.

Island Ninja Grant Mccartney's Obstacle Tips 

Grant McCartney Obstacle Tips

1. Rip Through Olympus, Helix, and Carries With a Death Grip

Pull-ups and dead hangs are great, but these variations are even better.

2. Conquer Any Wall With Muscle-Ups

Grant McCartney Obstacle Tips

Muscle-ups are hard as shit, and they apply to so many race-day (and life) scenarios. But hard as shit doesn’t mean impossible. Here’s everything you need to know to perfect your muscle-up game and barrel over every wall. 

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3. Slow the F*** Down and Never Do Burpees Again

Grant McCartney Obstacle Tips

Mccartney likes to call this one "Spend It or Send It." If you slow down and spend just three or four seconds focusing on your Spear Throw and then SEND it, you’re more likely to hit it. Plus, you'll actually end up saving time, since you won't be spending three or four minutes doing burpees. 

Put your new obstacle strengths to the test by committing to a race, and start training today using premium, obstacle-prep equipment from Titan Fitness along with Mccartney’s Spartan Island Ninja program.

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