Spartan Stadium Race Training Plan — 28 Days to Dominate the Sprint

Spartan Stadium Race Training Plan — 28 Days to Dominate the Sprint
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Ready to tackle our Spartan Stadium Race Training Plan? Throughout the next 28 days, you will grow stronger and more confident in your Spartan skills through a variety of workouts geared toward building strength, cardiovascular endurance, power and explosiveness, and injury prevention. By the end of this program, not only will you be prepared to tackle any Spartan Stadium Series Race, but you will be stronger and healthier to continue along the journey of building your strongest self.

Spartan Stadium Race Training Plan Overview

During this 28 day program, we will be developing our strength, stability, mobility, and power through a consistent set of exercises that will help you to be successful during our Spartan Stadium Series races. This program is designed by SGX coaches, based on SGX standards and principles.

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You don't need to have a race scheduled 28 days from now to benefit from this program. If you don't have a race, this part in four-week exercise cycle is a time to rest and recover for another four weeks of training.

How the Spartan Stadium Race Training Plan Works

Week 1 will be focused on laying down the foundation for our exercises. In week 2, we will build greater strength with an increase of weight, but also with a decrease in sets and reps. For week 3, we use the same weight, but increase our sets and repetitions to build strength endurance. Week 4 is our targeted race week. During race week, we enter into our tapering or active rest. This allows our body to preserve energy and to adjust to the previous 3 weeks of training.

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The following 28-day program is designed to push every Spartan, physically and mentally. It will be tough. You will have areas that you will struggle or that you are uncomfortable. It is through these challenges that we grow strongest. Stay consistent with this 28-day program. Your greatest results are seen through the strict structure and consistency of a thoroughly developed program.

Spartan Stadium Race Training Plan: Week 1

Day 1 - Pulling Day 2 - HIIT Day 3 - Pushing Day 4 - Active Recovery Day 5 - Power Day 6 - Endurance Day 7 - Mind

Spartan Stadium Race Training Plan: Week 2

Day 8 - Pulling Day 9 - HIIT Day 10 - Pushing Day 11 - Active Recovery Day 12 - Power Day 13 - Endurance Day 14 - Mind

Spartan Stadium Race Training Plan: Week 3

Day 15 - Pulling Day 16 - HIIT Day 17 - Pushing Day 18 - Active Recovery Day 19 - Power Day 20 - Endurance Day 21 - Mind

Spartan Stadium Race Training Plan: Week 4

Day 22 - Pulling Day 23 - HIIT Day 24 - Pushing Day 25 - Active Recovery Day 26 - Power Day 27 - Endurance Day 28 - Mind

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