Stadium Sprint Training Plan: Day 13 - Endurance

Stadium Sprint Training Plan: Day 13 - Endurance
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Today is our cardio endurance day. We will build on Week 1’s segmented run by adding in repetitions and mileage. Find a new trail to run this week. Go to your local stadium. If you can get off the treadmill and find ways to take your workout outside, do it! Spartans are versatile. Make the most of the resources around you.


Dynamic Warm Up

Main Set:

This workout is designed to be performed in a circuit. Perform each exercise in order once, then begin again at the top. Because this is an “active rest” workout, your perceived exertion should be challenging, but not strenuous.

Jog - 1 mile (7 RPE)

20 Body Weight Squats

Run 5% Incline - ½ mile (8 RPE)

20 Push Ups

Run - 1/2 mile (9 RPE)

20 Bear Crawl (each leg)

Walk/ Jog 15% Incline - 1/2 mile (7-9 RPE)

Advanced: Grab your bucket or Spartan Pancake!

7 Pull Ups (Advanced) / 20 Inverted Rows (Beginner-Intermediate)

Run - 1/2 mile (8-9 RPE)

20 Burpees

Run - 1 mile (9 RPE)

Cool Down:

Pull out your favorite Acumobility SPARTAN Ball or Acumobility SPARTAN Eclipse Roller. Spend anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes on each muscle, depending on tightness.

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