Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises: Perfect Prep to Kick Butt in Every Workout

Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises: Perfect Prep to Kick Butt in Every Workout

If you're facing a Spartan race obstacle, going hard out of the gate in cold is not going to work out well. Dynamic warm-up exercises will get the blood moving to the muscle groups and fire up your nervous system. 5 minutes is all you need to get this done.

As Spartans, we are required to utilize our body in the most obscurely functional of ways. From climbing over walls and picking up heavy objects, to fighting gravity in the most Spartan of obstacles and running up and down a mountain, our body needs to be prepared for whatever that is thrown at us. But how do we actually get prepared for this? The Dynamic warm-up.

The purpose of the dynamic warm up is to increase blood flow to the areas which will be working and to wake up the nervous system throughout the body. A warm up should be more than a quick stretch and a few burpees. Instead, you need to mimic movements that you will use consistently throughout the course.

Below, I have outlined a thorough total body warm up which will prepare you for both Spartan WODs and for pre-race rituals. You are an athlete, Spartan, it’s time to train like you plan to race. A sound warm-up will translate into a sound training and racing experience. Try this 5-minute workout before your training and races to become your strongest Spartan self. Aroo!

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Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises to Max Your Workout

This dynamic warm-up exercises can be done in any open space, whether it’s a track, a gym, or your basement.

Jog - 1 Min

High Knees - 30 Seconds

Butt Kicks - 30 Seconds

High Kicks - 30 Seconds

Lateral Shuffles - 30 Seconds (each side)

Lateral Lunges - 10 (5 each side)

Body Weight Squats - 10

Alternating Forward Lunges - 10 (5 each side)

*For a warm upper body, rotate your torso towards the side of the leg that is in front

Push Ups - 10

Single Leg Reaches - 10 (5 each side)

Glute Bridges - 10

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