This Man Completely Recomposed His Body in Just Months. Here's How.

This Man Completely Recomposed His Body in Just Months. Here's How.
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“COVID lockdown was a main turning point for me and my fitness journey,” says 26-year-old Tyler Davidson. “Staying at home forced me to create a new routine and provided me with the opportunity to prioritize fitness over many other aspects of my life."

And with the help of Spartan Master Coach Gabe Snow, that is exactly what he did (and then some). Over the course of several months, Davidson trained hard, fine-tuned his eating habits, and trusted the process. The results speak for themselves. He gained muscle, dropped fat, and continues to build on his progress. 

Here’s what Davidson has to say about his RECOMP’D journey:

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Body Composition Transformation

SPARTAN RACE: What do those transformation photos mean to you?

Tyler Davidson: The brain leads and the body follows! These photos remind me every day that perseverance and dedication trump any hardships or obstacles that may get in your way. 

SR: What were your before and after numbers, and in how much time? 

TD: January 2020: 180 pounds, about 18 to 20% body fat

August 2020: 175 pounds, about 10 to 12% body fat

March 2021: 215 pounds, about 12 to 15% body fat

SR: What do you like about Gabe’s approach?

Body Composition Transformation

TD: Gabe was as invested in my body recomposition and fitness journey as I was — if not more. While gym resources were limited during the height of COVID lockdown, Gabe managed to tailor and craft his programming to the limited free weights and bands I had at home. His approach is fun, challenging, and ever-changing! 

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SR: What have you learned about your body going through the process?

TD: Above all, I have learned that my body is and will always be in a constant state of change. Working with Gabe has taught me that I can change my body to fit my mindset and current goals. 

SR: What’s your advice for anyone else taking on a transformation?

TD: Find your purpose first, or — as Gabe likes to call it — “your why.” Once you find this, your motivation and physical transformation will follow.

Ready for your own body transformation? Check out the 30-day RECOMP’D workout program from Coach Gabe Snow. Need more help in the nutrition department? Check out the 30-day RECOMP’D Nutrition Plan.

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