This Type of Training Optimizes Power and Efficiency

This Type of Training Optimizes Power and Efficiency
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In Ancient Greece, Spartans were famous for strength training and optimize power the same. Spartans are the strongest and most powerful.

The modern-day Spartan's signature is their versatility. They run, jump, swing, and climb faster and stronger than their challengers. They are wired to conquer whatever stands in their way. Whether it's traversing the Twister or muscling through a Rope Climb, Spartans are built to ring the bell in every part of life. With a uniquely fast transfer between aerobic energy and anaerobic power, they can run for miles, scale walls like it's second nature, and hit the ground running. Every day is a new test of courage, strength, and determination. Spartans are a distinct breed of both cardiovascular endurance and strength.

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Efficiency Through Power Development

What is the key to building the most efficient Spartan? Power development is the special ingredient that makes Spartans what they are – the strongest. Athletes must perfect the ability to channel their maximum strength and anaerobic energy system to generate the peak amount of force necessary to overcome any obstacle in their path.

The first step to achieving this power? Mastery of strength and velocity. The stronger a Spartan is, the more power they will produce.

There are two ways to tackle strength training and optimize power. The most advanced way is through heavy, explosive movements, characteristic of Olympic lifting. This should resemble heavy cleans, heavy snatches, and heavy deadlifts. The key word here is heavy, and athletes should target strength and velocity improvements simultaneously.

This approach is optimal for Spartan training, and a solid goal to strive for at any training level. As always, consult a trained coach or professional to ensure safe training progressions. This workout does not feature powerlifting.

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The Workout: Heavy Weight Versus Time Under Tension

This workout targets the second mode of power development. This superset approach will work strength to start off, then move directly into a velocity focus with quickness training.

The strength exercises in this workout can be loaded one of two ways.

  1. Utilize heavy weight. Grab your favorite kettlebell, dumbbell, or barbell for these exercises. The movements should be very challenging, but not your maximum weight.
  2. Utilize time under tension. Instead of rushing through an exercise, take advantage of gravity. Resist on the lower phase, hold in the transitional period, and slowly bring yourself out of the movement. Focus on 4 seconds in the first phase, a 2-second hold, and 4 seconds coming out.

Immediately after the strength movement, you will progress into the power movement. Perform higher bodyweight plyometrics repetitions to build explosiveness and consistency. After you complete the two exercises in the set, rest for 60 seconds.

The Circuit

Goblet Squat - 4x4

Kneeling to Squat Jumps - 4x8

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift - 4x4

Single-Leg Vertical Jump - 4x8

Lateral Lunge - 4x4

4-Corner Hop - 4x8 (Each Corner and Back Is 2 Hops)

Heel Taps - 4x4

Power Step-Ups - 4x8

Rest for 60 seconds between each superset.

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