Surviving the Twister

Presented by Spartan Training®

What It Is

A twisting set of handles on a rotating bar length-wise. Each handle is off set from the next at about 20 degrees. So when you grab on handle the next handle is slightly above and angled down. Every time you grab a handle the whole set rotates.

What the Twister Demands

Strong arms, strong shoulders, agility, coordination, timing, and strategy.

The Mistakes & Weaknesses I Most Often See

Those who attempt the Twister before scouting out their route and go in unplanned, are unlikely to succeed. There are some obstacles you can squeak by on, but there's no getting around it, you have to be strong to conquer this obstacle.

Tips on Fixing These

If you only have a pull up bar you can grab the bar with a hand-facing hand grip (you will be looking down the length of the bar) and work on alternating your grip while keeping a 90-degree bend in your arms. This will also require a tight core so you are not carrying “dead” weight.

Play around with different styles. Going down the length of the bar facing forward, backward or laterally. See which style feels best for you. I personally find it easier and faster to go backwards. My arms are able to stay in a “V” or 90-degree position, I can keep my core engaged, and the rungs are always in the right position.

Other Tips and Techniques

Look for a lane that was completed successfully. This usually means that the rungs will all be in the right place for the next person to go. You do not want to get to the second set of rungs to find out they are all out of order and you are out of strength and coordination to fix it. Wait for the lane to be clear and tell the person behind you to not start until you are absolutely finished. You do not want someone jumping the gun and getting on the same rungs as you.

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