Seth Godin Marketing Tactics: Building a Community on The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

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If selling "hard" as a lifestyle is out of style, then why is the Spartan community 10 million+ strong? According to marketing pioneer Seth Godin, if everyone wanted to – or was able to – do it, living the hard way wouldn't be much of an identifiable lifestyle or community at all. So what does it take to build an unbreakable community around a brand?

Understanding the way ideas spread socially was crucial in unlocking Godin's marketing successes. He discovered that the most successful brands are built like "religions" that unite people through shared experiences. When people identify with your cause and its other community members, it becomes a way of life for them. 

It's the smallest viable audience that fuels the growth of every brand we care about," Godin says.

So, how can you build a community of your own? This episode of The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena provides the valuable lessons you need to disseminate ideas that uplift, build something with which others identify and establish movements that empower lives.

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