The Spartan Fit App Workout of the Week: Spring in Your Step

The Spartan Fit App Workout of the Week: Spring in Your Step
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Feeling like you need a quick sweat sesh? Then this 30-minute workout is for you, straight from the Spartan Fit App conditioning series. These workouts are designed to push your cardiovascular limits and prepare you for any race type or distance. Moreover, these workouts will stress and improve your muscular endurance, arguably one of the most important aspects in a Spartan Race. Think: it'll be the difference between slapping the bell at the end of the Monkey Bars or finding your feet on the ground, staring at the burpee pit.

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The Workout

This is a circuit-based workout with increased intensity to maximize your lower body power and core strength. I’ve chosen what I believe to be the top three moves from this workout. Get the entire workout by downloading the Spartan Fit app or just follow along with this fun mash-up.

As the title implies, this workout is designed to get the spring back into your step. This conditioning workout consists of three time-based circuits with a mix between power, conditioning, and core. We’ll be focusing on one of those circuits here. Be sure to be explosive on jumping exercises and let the rest between rounds act as your chance to recover your breath. 

The Setup

We’ve got you covered with another workout that requires no space and no equipment. You can crank this one out anywhere at any time. Let’s get after it!

The Strength Circuit

Perform four rounds30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.

Lateral Bound:

Side-to-side movement: it’s something we don't do enough and has major benefits like injury prevention and increased motor function and skill. The best aspect of this exercise is that it can be scaled to any fitness level. Being that this particular exercise requires a bit of skill, you’ll want to start with the most regressed version until you get a feel for it. Once you’re confident in your ability, you can scale up pretty quickly until you’re flying from side to side.

Begin by pressing off of one foot by fully extending your leg. Both of your feet should leave the ground. You will land with the opposite leg. Repeat this, jumping from leg to leg until the clock runs out.

Pro Tip: Let’s talk about how to scale this exercise. What I covered above was the baseline of lateral bounding. I'll start with the regressed version, then move to the progressed version.

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Lateral Bound: Regression:

Perform the same exercise as described above, but instead of both of your feet leaving the ground on the jump, you will drag your trailing foot across the ground until you land. This will assist your control and help you land safely. You can also shorten the jumping distance until you’ve reached a level of comfort that allows you to really push your limits. The last trick is to leverage your trailing foot as an anchor when you land.

Lateral Bound: Progression:

Perform the baseline exercise as described above. Instead of sticking the landing, you will do a quick double-tap on the ground before jumping back to the other side. The double-tap will improve your reactive capabilities, making you quicker and reducing your risk of injury in the future. The double-tap requires skill and practice. Work up to it.

Squat Jump:

The squat jump is a great conditioning exercise that takes a simple bodyweight movement and makes it into an absolute leg and lung crusher.

Start in a tall-standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your hips until you reach or break knee height. Drive back up through your heels with enough power so that your feet leave the ground. Land and repeat until the clock run out.

Pro Tip: Find your flow. You want to reach a point that this exercise feels fluid and not choppy. You can achieve this by landing right into the squat.

High-Knee Skip:

As far as technical exercises go, this one's pretty high up there. This exercise can be used as a warm-up, skill & reactive training, or conditioning. In this case, we’re using it as a conditioning exercise.

Begin in a tall-standing position. Drive one knee up toward your chest and match it with your opposite arm—you should look like a sprinter here. Drive that same knee down to the ground with enough power so that your opposite foot pops up off of the ground, putting you back into the “sprinter” position. Repeat this exercise, focusing on quick taps on the ground.

Pro Tip: Your objective here is speed, not necessarily forward distance covered.

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