Injury Prevention Week: Workout of the Day

Injury Prevention Week: Workout of the Day
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To properly train for injury prevention, you must focus on maintaining a strong and stable total body. To do this, we will maintain a constant core emphasis while working unilateral (single arm or single leg) movements that allow your body to learn how to maintain posture and stability against an external force. This stresses things such as balance and mobility, two large components that can cause injuries out on the course.

For some, this week may feel like a breeze. But stability practice does not need to be boring or easy. Find a variation of these exercises that stresses you. If you are not shaking in a movement, increase the difficulty. You can always get a kick-ass workout while significantly stressing your stability. Remember, you must continue to train at a similar level to that which you race. Good luck this week.


When working an injury prevention and management phase, you will want to work in an endurance range. We will isolate unilateral movements while also focusing on total body stability. It is recommended to train barefoot for better total body control.

Wall Sits - 3x12 SA Floor Press - 3x12 Pancake Split Squats - 3x12 Single Arm Pancake Overhead Press - 3x12 Box Sit to Stands - 3x12 Single Leg Push Ups - 3x12 Dead Bug - 3x12


One of the biggest difficulties new and returning racers face on the mountain is cramping. Cramping can occur when the stretch-reflex cycle is no longer firing properly. Typically this occurs with elevation. For today, we are performing sprints on both an incline and on a flat surface. Challenge yourself to remain jogging during your “rest” intervals. This workout can be done on a treadmill or on your favorite local hill.

Warm Up - 5 Minute Jog 0-5% Incline :30 - 10% Incline Sprint :30 - Rest :30 - 0% Sprint :60 - Rest

Repeat for 12 Rounds


We’re back to a strength day. Today, we’re pulling. This will be the most beneficial training day this week.

Bear Crawl - 3x100m Arm Bar - 3x:30 Single Arm Pancake Bent Over Row - 3x12 Single Leg Reach - 3x12 Pull Ups/ Inverted Row - 3x8-12 Leg Lower - 3x12 Cook Hip Lift - 3x12

Thursday - Recovery Day


With injury prevention and maintenance, you want to train your body to absorb impacts through take offs and landings. During today’s plyometric workout, you want to emphasize your proper mechanics instead of speed. We will be going for endurance and longevity over height and distance.

20 Minute AMRAP Single Arm Pancake Swings - 12 Reps Single Leg Box Jumps - 12 Reps Power Push Ups - 12 Reps Split Squat Jumps - 12 Reps Jumping Pull Ups - 12 Reps Ice Skaters - 12 Reps Burpees - 12 Reps


Happy Endurance Day, Spartans. To properly prepare yourself for any terrain, find a local trail for a 60 minute jog. Today’s terrain should include rolling hills, flat straightaways, and steep climbs and descents. Get out today and just run.

60 Minute Changing Terrain Run

Sunday - Recovery