Bodyweight Training Plan: Day 8 - Pushing

Bodyweight Training Plan: Day 8 - Pushing
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Week 1 was all about familiarizing yourself with the beauty of bodyweight training. In week 2, we are increasing our strength endurance. This means that we are increasing our sets and repetitions.

For those who are looking for an added challenge to the workout, trying increasing your depth. Can you squat a little lower? Make your step up a little bit taller? Can you reach below 90 degrees on your tricep dips? With bodyweight training, the hardest obstacle to overcome is your yourself. Push through any mental barriers you’re facing and try reaching a new range of motion this week. Good Luck, Spartan.


Perform each circuit as 3 super-sets.

Dynamic Warm Up

Circuit 1

Bear Crawl – 4×12 (7-8 RPE) Body Weight Squats – 4×12 (7-8 RPE) Wide Push Ups – 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

Circuit 2

Split Squats – 4×12 (7-8 RPE) Tricep Dips – 4×12 (7-8 RPE) Calf Raises – 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

Circuit 3

SL Sit to Stand – 4×12 (7-8 RPE) Dolphin Push Ups 4×12 (7-8 RPE) Step Ups 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

Core Circuit

Plank to Arm Lift (alternating sides) – 4×12 (7-8 PRE) Dead Bug – 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

Cool Down

Foam roll any muscles you feel excessive soreness or tightness

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