Spartan Training®

Unconventional, expert-backed training that works.

SPARTAN TRAINING® is built on unconventional work. Our training system is engineered to expose limits, destroy weakness and leave personal bests in the dust.

The core foundation lies in running, bodyweight movements and functional strength training, blending ancient Spartan wisdom with modern science to give you unparalleled results.

It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. And that’s the point.

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Train with fellow friends and Spartans in a 90 minute bodyweight session that will challenge your mind while training and sculpting you. Our very own Spartan coaches cater to all levels of fitness so there are no excuses for excuses. Find the certification for you.
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Spartan Training is a global fitness movement and community of gym owners, personal trainers and fitness professionals.
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Devised by the best OCR trainers in the world, we have workouts for every gym and home session to help build muscle, strength condition and develop fitness.
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