Spartan 300: WOD: Strength: 10/16/17

Spartan 300: WOD: Strength: 10/16/17
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Until you've mastered the Spartan 300, stop looking for what's missing in your fitness journey and begin to appreciate what you already have. You have a body. You have gravity. It's easy enough to make a sandbag or simply pick up a rock or a log. Stop with excuses and get to work.  You don't need a better gym or more complicated gizmo to achieve results. Get started, that's the secret formula, especially if you are just beginning your fitness journey. That's why we designed our signature Spartan workouts.

The truth of the matter is that the fitness industry is governed by people trying to sell you something. The keys to fitness are always dangled in front of you as if they are something you have to acquire, something you have to pay for the privilege of possessing. But what if you already had everything you needed for a fitter self?

Everything you need to be a fiercer, more capable human is within your grasp right now. We created workouts like the Spartan 300 to imbue you with the confidence you needed to finish our races. We want you to start today, simply giving your best effort.

Click each exercise to view a video that shows proper technique. Always perform each movement in a controlled and strict manner.

Warm up:

Run/jog 15 minutes

Main set:

100 Jumping Jacks 30 Burpees 10 Burpee Pull-ups 20 Pull-ups 30 Box Jumps 30 Sandbag Vertical Tosses 100 Russian Twists 30 Bodyweight Squats 30 Sidekicks (each side) 30 Jumping Lunges 30 Upright Rows w/Pancake 30 Skull Crushers w/Pancake 30 High Knees (each leg) 30 Jump Squats 3 x Rope Climbs or 25-yard Bear Crawls

Cool down:


Beginner Version: Reduce rep count. Leave out the exercises you aren't ready for. Do you best. Doing 10% of this workout is 100% better than doing nothing.

Advanced Version: Increase rep count. Perform the main set 2+x.

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