Spartan Beast Training Plan: Increase Your Grip and Mileage

Spartan Beast Training Plan: Increase Your Grip and Mileage

Welcome to your new Spartan Race Training program, Spartans. This plan features Spartan Race-approved workouts. As we progress into our Spartan Beast training plan, our intention is to continue to build on your previous training from our last 28-day program, the Spartan Race Super training plan. If at any point in time during this program you see noticeable weaknesses, please refer back to our pulling days from our last program.

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During this training program, our main goal is to significantly strengthen your grip and to increase your mileage. This program is designed based on obstacle specificity and building your obstacle immunity. Not only will you walk into your Spartan Race Beast with an increase in strength and cardiovascular endurance, you will also have a significant increase in your grit and your determination. These Spartan Race workouts will prepare you for your next Spartan.

About the Spartan Beast

You’ve mastered the Sprint. You’ve conquered the Super. Now, it’s time to take on your greatest challenge yet: the Beast. Or, maybe you’re brave enough to start your Spartan journey with the Beast?

The Beast is a demanding race designed to test even the most seasoned athletes. This course is for competitors looking to turn up the heat and for teams who are ready to push each other through moments of doubt, all the way to the finish line.

The Beast may be 13 miles, but don’t make the mistake of comparing it to a half-marathon. We’re going to throw 30 obstacles at you along the way, so it might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Running a Beast is not just a competition against others: it’s a competition against yourself.

Spartan Beast Training Plan

Week 1

  1. Day 1 - Pulling
  2. Day 2 - HIIT
  3. Day 3 - Pushing
  4. Day 4 - Active Recovery
  5. Day 5 - Power
  6. Day 6 - Endurance
  7. Day 7 - Mind

Week 2

  1. Day 8 - Pulling
  2. Day 9 - HIIT
  3. Day 10 - Pushing
  4. Day 11 - Active Recovery
  5. Day 12 - Power
  6. Day 13 - Endurance
  7. Day 14 - Mind

Week 3

  1. Day 15 - Pulling
  2. Day 16 - HIIT
  3. Day 17 - Pushing
  4. Day 18 - Active Recovery
  5. Day 19 - Power
  6. Day 20 - Endurance
  7. Day 21 - Mind

Week 4

  1. Day 22 - Pulling
  2. Day 23 - HIIT
  3. Day 24 - Pushing
  4. Day 25 - Active Recovery
  5. Day 26 - Power
  6. Day 27 - Endurance
  7. Day 28 - Mind