Spartan Super Training Plan: Preparing for Obstacles

Spartan Super Training Plan: Preparing for Obstacles
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Welcome to your the Spartan Super Training Plan, filled with Spartan workouts. Our intention is to continue to build on your previous training from our last 28-day program, the Spartan Stadium Series Training Plan. The noticeable difference between a Spartan Stadium Sprint race and a Super Super include mileage, terrain, and the degree of obstacle difficulty in reference to grip and height. Therefore, these Spartan workouts will be different.

During this Spartan workout training program, our main goal is to significantly strengthen your grip and to increase your mileage. This program is designed based on obstacle specificity. Our goal is for you to walk into any Spartan Race Super with confidence regardless of what obstacle you are facing.

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Use the Perceived Exertion Scale (RPE) to choose weights and techniques specific to your skill level. The exercises should be challenging, but not unmanageable. We’ve built this workout using a Spartan pancake for resistance, but you can also use a kettlebell, traditional sandbag, or most anything, really. Click each exercise to view a demonstration that shows proper technique. Always perform each movement in a controlled and strict manner.

Spartan Super Training Plan

Week 1

Day 1 - Pulling Day 2 - HIIT Day 3 - Pushing Day 4 - Active Recovery Day 5 - Power Day 6 - Endurance Day 7 - Mind

Week 2

Day 8 - Pulling Day 9 - HIIT Day 10 - Pushing Day 11 - Active Recovery Day 12 - Power Day 13 - Endurance Day 14 - Mind

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Week 3

Day 15 - Pulling Day 16 - HIIT Day 17 - Pushing Day 18 - Active Recovery Day 19 - Power Day 20 - Endurance Day 21 - Mind

Week 4

Day 22 - Pulling Day 23 - HIIT Day 24 - Pushing Day 25 - Active Recovery Day 26 - Power Day 27 - Endurance Day 28 - Mind

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