The 5 Workouts You Need to Do in the Spartan Fit App This Month

The 5 Workouts You Need to Do in the Spartan Fit App This Month
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In case you didn’t hear through the Spartan grapevine, we launched an app, and it’s not just any fitness app. With 24/7 access to exclusive workouts, race-like simulations, assessments, daily updates from our pros, and nonstop support from our community, we built this digital platform to be your training partner in crime

As part of our commitment to making the Fit app your best training friend (and coach and motivator), we enlisted some of the world’s top athletes and pros in strength, conditioning, and endurance training to help you master your functional fitness, so you can become a stronger overall athlete. They’ve created assessments and workouts for our app that you can’t access anywhere else. 

This month, we teamed up with a few of our favorite kick-ass athletes, including Logan Aldridge and Chris Hinshaw, to bring Spartans completely new workouts that will take your training up a notch, whether you’re preparing for a virtual race or looking towards 2021. We also worked closely with our Spartan pros and Head of Training, Sam Stauffer, to develop Pro Team workouts, race prep, and more so you have all the resources you need to crush your fitness goals.

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#1: Jacob Heppner’s Gnarly Workout Regimen 

A four-time CrossFit Games veteran and an all-around beast of an athlete, Jacob Heppner exemplifies Spartan’s hardcore spirit. He has developed training content that centers around his unique take on explosive, plyometric exercise. Including warm-ups, movement standards, and cool downs, this regimen involves sprint intervals, CrossFit chippers, wall balls, and more to push you to your limit. "It will push you to keep moving," he says. 

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#2: Chris Hinshaw’s Epic Fitness Assessments and Efficient Workouts

We like to think of Hinshaw as our mad scientist of training. The Ironman champion and founder of Aerobic Capacity is fluent in all exercise science, with deep knowledge of cardio and muscular endurance, both critical for Spartan performance.

“Spartan athletes must have the endurance and stamina to run on various terrain, as well as be proficient in more than a dozen obstacles,” he says. “The athlete must understand their individual strengths and weaknesses to create a personalized performance improvement plan."

So if anyone was going to develop fitness assessments for Spartans, it’s him. Hinshaw also created time-efficient workouts that prioritize the “key adaptations necessary for a successful Spartan Race,” including anaerobic and aerobic running regimens, as well as strength endurance. 

WATCH: Coach's Corner With Chris Hinshaw

#3: Logan Aldridge’s Ultimate Functional Fitness Workouts

Aldridge can beat all of us in a deadlift competition — with only one arm. The adaptive athlete and CrossFit veteran is a master of functional fitness. “In life, it’s more important to be mobile and functional than it is to be super strong,” he says.

Because he really does it all exercise-wise, he developed workouts that range from endurance and conditioning to full-body strength circuits and an ab-sculpting series. His favorite? The Legs Gone Bad workout. “I guarantee Spartans have never had their legs burn so badly in such a short amount of time!” he proudly boasts.

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#4: Spartan Pro Team Workouts From Faye Morgan, Steve Hammond, and More Elites

The Fit app is also the only place where you can access self-guided workouts from some of your favorite Spartan pros. In these exclusive videos, they share the skills and secrets that made them elites and champions. Steve “Trailmaster” Hammond runs you through a full-body circuit-based workout that’s sure to make you more resilient. Timmie Brann, who has hovered near the top of the Spartan Elite World Rankings for years, helps you reach your podium dreams by building a solid foundation of strength and cardio. And Faye Morgan — a retired marine, mom of four, and top 10 finisher — developed a bodyweight workout to challenge your lower body strength. 

#5: Director of Training Sam Stauffer’s Finishers, Which Will DESTROY You 

Spartans are known for pushing themselves to the edge — and then pushing themselves some more. That’s why we created what we call "finishers," 5-to-15-minute anaerobic beasts of workouts that are designed to “empty the tank,” as Stauffer says.

“They’re made to drain the glycogen out of your body and exhaust you,” he says. Do them on their own for a quick, hard fitness hit or tack them onto the end of another app workout to absolutely destroy yourself. 

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