4 Reasons Why EVERY Spartan Needs Our New Fit App, Which Will Take Your Training Up a Notch

4 Reasons Why EVERY Spartan Needs Our New Fit App, Which Will Take Your Training Up a Notch
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Being a Spartan takes blood, sweat, and tears — the training, the racing, the mental toughness you need to grit your teeth and get through it. Don’t you wish you could have a coach to guide you along the way, show you the best technique for burpees, and cheer you on when you need some encouragement? Or even yell at you when you want to finish that set of pull-ups? 

That’s exactly why we launched our Spartan Fit app. Though it’s really been years in the making, we fast-tracked it because our community needs real-time support now more than ever. Just think of this as your unbreakable personal coach, available 24/7 for all of your training needs. 

But this isn’t just any other workout app: We’ve enlisted some of the world’s top athletes and coaches in strength, conditioning, and endurance training to help you master your functional fitness, so you can become a stronger overall athlete. Regardless of what your fitness goals are, the Fit app will help you achieve them.

Following the principles of Spartan’s training philosophy, our digital platform will deliver daily updates from our pros, workouts that are exclusive to our app, race-like simulations, and the unconditional support of our community and coaches. Here’s everything you need to know before you download. 

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4 Reasons Why You Need the Spartan Fit App

#1: Exclusive Workouts That Will Help You Train Smarter

From a 45-minute Exceptional Endurance routine that pushes you to your physical limit to a 15-minute quickie circuit that develops your upper body strength for race newbies, the Fit app has every type of training you need. These are workouts you can only get on the app, specially curated by our team of pros to help you build strength and endurance the Spartan way. We’ve got conditioning challenges, race prep, bodyweight exercises, warm-ups, what we call “killer finishers,” and more. You can sort every workout by difficulty and duration.

#2: Access to the World’s Top Coaches and Athletes

Elite racer Timmie Brann, CrossFit champion Jacob Heppner, adaptive athlete Logan Aldridge, endurance coach Faye Morgan: These are just a few of the pros we’ve enlisted to create those exclusive workouts and coach you through step-by-step instructions. You can also train with some of your favorite go-to Spartan trainers, including Sam Stauffer. Whether you’re training for a 2021 race, a Virtual Race, or want to get in the best shape of your life, the Spartan Fit roster of experts will put you through the paces and ensure that you reach those goals. 

#3: Spartan Fitness Assessments and Race Prep Programs

Want to know if you’re ready to race? Finish a Sprint? Crush a Beast? Of course you do. That’s why we built all-new assessment programs, developed by CrossFit Games coach Chris Hinshaw, into the Fit app. We also developed special race-prep programs that you can only access through the Fit app. It’s a four-week regimen that takes you through six workouts every week to build your strength, endurance, and power so you’re challenged both physically and mentally, and ready to take on your next race.

#4: Pro Tips for Physical and Mental Toughness

Because every Spartan knows that becoming unbreakable is far more than a physical feat, we loaded the Fit app up with advice on how to build that essential mental toughness, too. In-app features will show you how to live (not just lift) like a warrior, conditioning your body and your mind to take on those seemingly insurmountable obstacles on the course and in your life. Plus, you’ll get tips for how to eat to improve your performance, and other pro nutrition suggestions for Spartans.

Download the new Spartan Fit app NOW and become one of the first people to get exclusive access to our elite workouts and coaching!