Running Training Plan: Day 11 - Recovery

Running Training Plan: Day 11 - Recovery
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Injury Prevention starts with proper recovery. Stability and mobility are the foundation of today’s active rest. Basic movement processes to reinforce the total body unit will help to absorb forces throughout the course and will help maintain your posture and your movements regardless of if you're sitting at a desk or if you are carrying a sandbag throughout your favorite Spartan course.


Active Mobilizations

Dynamic Warm Up


This workout is designed to be performed in a circuit. Perform each exercise in order once, then begin again at the top. Because this is an “active rest” workout, your perceived exertion should be should be challenging, but not strenuous.

Dead Hang - 3x:30 (6-7 RPE)

Bear Crawl - 3x100m (6-7 RPE)

Arm Bar - 3x:30 (6-7 RPE)

Single Leg Reach - 3x10 (6-7 RPE)

Lateral Split Squat - 3x10 (6-7 RPE)

Leg Lowering - 3 x 10  reps (6-7 RPE)

Dead Bug - 3 x 10 reps (6-7RPE)

SL Box Squats - 3x10 (6-7 RPE)

Cross training

Spend 20 minutes today performing moderate intensity cardiovascular endurance that does not involve running. This could be done on a bike, a stair stepper, boxing, etc. The theory with cross training is to give your body a break from running, while continuing to stress your cardiovascular system.

Cool Down

Foam Roll any muscles you feel excessive soreness or tightness

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