Active Mobilization for Spartans

Active Mobilization for Spartans

Aches. Pains. Tension. Tightness. Stiffness. Soreness. These are all familiar problems to most individuals, fitness addicts or not. These symptoms should never fall into the norm. Nobody should have to live with chronic pain. But why are so many plagued with these?

Chronic soreness and pain occurs most often because of muscular compensation. This could be because of a previous injury that was improperly rehabbed or from overly tight musculature that pulls on your body improperly causing your body’s kinetic chain (every muscle overlaps one another) to be mis-aligned.

These issues work hand in hand. For example, tight calves can pull improperly at the knee, disinhibit your hamstrings which then pull on your hips which could cause lower back pain. Often times, when you have pain in a joint or a “knot” in a muscle, the issue is not where you feel the symptoms, but it is with a joint either above or below. So, what does this mean to us weekend warriors and the general population whose biggest fear is living in constant soreness or pain? We need to work our recovery techniques. This is where active mobilization comes in handy.

Active mobilization is a category of soft tissue treatments whose purpose is to increase mobilization at joints to decrease tensions that cause the aches and pains that people feel due to improper stresses on the body. The purpose of these techniques include increased mobility and range of motion which will directly help to increase strength and increase performance. Active mobilization techniques can be done both before and after workouts or just as standalone treatments. Popular techniques include foam rolling, trigger point mobilizations, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).

As a Spartan, you’ve probably noticed Acumobility out in the Spartan Race Festival Area and in our Spartan Shop. Acumobility is the official active mobilization brand of Spartan. Founded by Practitioners Brad Cox and Dr. Sonia Pasquale, Acumobility provides the most innovative and effective tools and education on the market and are dedicated to helping athletes stay healthy and achieve peak performance. Their one of a kind, patented line of active mobilization products are first in their class for rehab and performance.

How can Acumobility benefit Spartans? Check out the techniques below to target your daily aches and pains. Click each link for video and written description.

Acumobility Techniques

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