Spartan Running Training Plan | Day 1: Pushing and Hill Sprints

Spartan Running Training Plan | Day 1: Pushing and Hill Sprints
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Welcome to Day 1 of the Spartan Running Training Plan.

Your quest to becoming the strongest runner starts today.

Over the next 4 weeks, you will undergo a running-intensive training program designed to help you maximize your cardiovascular abilities and to reach new personal records.

Through this 28-day program, your strength workouts will be shorter, focusing on improving your core stability and your unilateral strength to prevent the most common of running injuries. You will then be given a higher volume of cardiovascular work designed towards dropping your 5 kilometer personal best times quite significantly. This can then translate into improved running skills both on and off the Spartan course.

During today’s workout, you will perform three strength-stability based (push) supersets followed by a cardiovascular session consisting of hill sprints (pull). Set your interval timer and just go. Today’s run will be tough. 

Running Training Plan Workout: Day 1

The Warm Up

Active Mobilizations

Dynamic Warm Up

The Workout Out

Superset 1

Pancake Squat to Overhead Press - 3x10 (7-8 RPE)

Push Ups - 3x10 (7-8 RPE)

Superset 2

Goblet Squats - 3x10 (7-8 RPE)

Single Arm Pancake Floor Press - 3x10 (7-8 RPE)

Superset 3

Walking Lunges with Reach - 3x10 (7-8 RPE)

Plank with Shoulder Tap -  3x10 (7-8 RPE)

Hill Sprints

10 Minute Jog - 6-7 RPE

30 Second Sprints (15% or Local Hill) - 9 RPE

60 Second Jog - 5-7 RPE

Repeat 8 Times

2 Minute Jog - 6-7 RPE

The Cool Down

Foam roll any muscles you feel excessive soreness or tightness.

Get mentally and physically ready for tomorrow’s running training plan workout: Day 2 of the Spartan Running Training Plan.

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