How to Glide Over the Slip Wall Obstacle

How to Glide Over the Slip Wall Obstacle
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Grab the rope and walk up the slip wall seems simple enough. Without proper training and form, this deceptively tough obstacle becomes much more difficult.

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What the Slip Wall Is

An 8-foot,  45-degree smooth-surfaced incline wall with a rope that hangs halfway down the wall.

What it Demands To Get Over

Speed, timing, coordination, agility.

Mistakes Most Often Seen

Running too fast.

Also, leaning too far into the wall.

Coach's Advice

Most people just do not train enough with the proper incline running that is required.

The thing you want to avoid is allowing your weight to get too far ahead of your feet.

If you do, if you get on your toes too much and your weight is too far forward, your feet will slip out from beneath you.

Most athletes also reach too early for the rope. This creates the same issue of having your bodyweight too far in front of your feet.

The best training you can do is to specific practice.  Find a 45-degree incline you can practice running up while keeping your form and core tight.

Bonus Tips

Short, quick steps are best. Do not try to "jump" or reach for the rope too soon. Be patient and try to run past the rope.

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