How to Flip a Tire

How to Flip a Tire
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The Tire Flip Flip: Definition

A tractor tire that is 400# (Men) and 200# (women) that you need to pick up one end and flip over multiple times

What it Demands

Strength and power.

Mistake I Most Often See

The mistake I often see with the tire flip is lifting it with too much lower back and not enough legs.

This is often a symptom of the incorrect setup and start to lifting a tire.

My Tips on How to Improve

To lift a tire properly you will need to use the proper set up. Squat down, keep your hips lower than your shoulders. Take a wide grip and dig your fingers under the tire so your forearms also touch the tire. If you can get your chest into the tire as well. Lean into it and drive through the legs, pushing and lifting the tire up at a 45 degree angle. Once you stand up quickly get a knee into the tire to help continue pushing the tire up. Flip your hands over to a pushing position and push the tire over. You must commit to driving through the tire or you will stall and it will come back down. This is a quick and powerful movement that does not really have any point at which you can stop, keep the momentum moving up and forward.

You can usually find an old tractor tire that you can grab for free if you can haul it away. It usually costs tire shops money to recycle or dispose of them so you may get lucky if you call around and have the means to pick one up.

Suggestions for Race Day

In slippery, muddy terrain this obstacle will be almost impossible if you cannot get good footing to drive into the ground. Make sure you are in a good and solid spot to plant your feet. Put as much of your body in contact with the tire so you are not relying on just grip strength to hold onto the tire.

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