The Spartan Fit App Workout of the Week: Becoming a Beast

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We’ve got another race-inspired workout for you, straight out of the Fit app collection. This one’s a full-body, race-prep workout designed for Spartan Supers and Beasts. This workout, and others just like it, are born out of race experiences and race errors. 

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The Workout

Are you ready to become a beast? This is a full workout. Starting with a solid, meaningful, six-move warm-up, you’ll be guided through exercises that will prepare you for obstacles that others have failed. Take each strength circuit in stride. This is quality over quantity all the way, so ensure that each rep is done with focus and intensity. The entire workout should take no more than 40 minutes total, and we’re going to dig into circuit two of the strength portion below.

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The Set-Up

You will need the following items to accomplish this workout in full: a pull-up bar, a kettlebell, and a Spartan Pancake (or similar sandbag). For the circuit we’re covering today, we’ll only need a kettlebell and the Spartan Pancake (or a similar sandbag). Let’s dive in!

The Strength Circuit

Perform 4 rounds of 20 seconds on, 30 seconds off.

Pancake Deadlift

The Pancake deadlift will reinforce your crush or pinch grip, depending on how you hold the Pancake. I suggest the pinch grip, as it’s not so common with training modalities. You’re going to want a heavier Pancake for this move, as the body can handle a lot of weight for this particular exercise. You will begin in a tall standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart and the Pancake placed between your heels. Grip the Pancake (with your preferred grip) and drive through the heels until you reach a tall standing position, and then reset.

Pro Tip: Film your form and watch it back. This should be a hip-hinging exercise, not a squatting exercise. External feedback is the best way to reinforce form.

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Hands-Staggered Push-Up

Begin at the top of a push-up position with your hands shoulder-width apart. Take one hand and place it about two inches above your other hand’s fingertips. The objective here is not necessarily to change your base of support. Rather, it’s to put the focus and stress on one arm. You will want to switch hand positions each time, or about halfway through the prescribed time.

Pro Tip: Keep your core and glutes engaged throughout the entire movement and make sure that you fulfill the entire range of motion on every single rep (meeting or breaking parallel on the way down and reaching full extension at the top).

Kettlebell Swing

We covered the basic mechanics of the deadlift above. The swing is the next natural progression. The swing can be looked at as a ballistic deadlift. This means you need to have mastered the deadlift before taking this exercise on. Many people don’t and get injured as a result, so proceed with caution. The swing is about combining skill, control, and power. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart. The kettlebell should be a good distance in front of you. Reach out and grab the kettlebell by the handles. Hike the kettlebell so it swings seamlessly through your legs and drive your hips forward, allowing the kettlebell to rise out in front of your chest.

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Pro Tip: This is a momentum exercise powered by your hips. If you find yourself raising the kettlebell with your arms, you’re not doing the exercise correctly.

Hinge Jump

Hinge jumps are great because they teach you how to generate power through your hips. Start in a tall-standing position with your feet hip-width apart. Drive your hips and hands back while lowering your chest slightly. (This will put you in what we call an "athletic" or "loaded" position.) Then, drive your hips forward so you jump vertically off of the ground. Land with soft knees and reset. Once you get good at this exercise, you can land and explode right into the next rep, until the clock runs out.

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