The Spartan Fit App Workout of the Week: All In

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Each week, Spartan Director of Training Sam Stauffer is providing select workouts from the Spartan Fit app. For the full Spartan training experience, delivering Spartan-designed workouts and race-like simulations, download the Spartan Fit app nowAnd for the full database of Spartan Fit app workout previews, click here.

We're going all in with a conditioning challenge. As part of the conditioning challenge collection, which you can find in the app, you will race tirelessly against the clock. Come back to it often to see how you stack up against yourself and other Spartans around the world. Just like other challenges in the collection, learn to pace yourself so you can finish strong.

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The Workout

The breakdown is simple. We’ve got four rounds of three exercises, 25 reps each — 300 total reps. Let's see what you've got against these ultra-taxing moves!

Within this three-move workout challenge, you’ll find that your core and lungs take a beating. Don't come out of the gate too hot because four rounds at 25 reps a piece can be rather punishing, and it will take some time. Save some gas in the tank for the final round so you can absolutely crush it at the end. Let's get after it, Spartans!

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The Set-Up

No equipment is required for this workout. However, a refreshing bottle of water, a towel, and some fresh air will do the trick. (Not that you’ll have time for any of them during the workout!) You’ll be thankful for them once you’ve finished, though.

The Strength Circuit

Perform four rounds of 25 reps as fast as you possibly can!

Burpee Tuck Jump

These are two of the most taxing exercises coupled together. Who’s idea was this, anyway?! Let’s take a look at a few of the movement standards.

1) Your chest must touch the ground at the down position.

2) Your feet must leave the ground at the up position.

3) Your knees must reach hip height or higher on the jump.

4) No forward lean while jumping.

Pro Tip: Pace yourself on these, as they're the first exercise of each round and are sure to leave you taxed!

Plank Shoulder Tap

Begin in a palm plank position with your hands on the ground directly under your shoulders. Lift your left hand and tap your right shoulder. Reset your left hand back to the ground and repeat with the opposite side. One rep from each side is one total rep for this challenge.

Pro Tip: Keep your core and glutes engaged throughout the entire exercise.

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Mountain Climber

Begin in a palm plank position. Drive one knee up toward your chest — make sure your knee makes it past your hip — followed by the other. Continue the movement until you finish the number of prescribed reps. One knee drive from each side will count as one total rep.

Pro Tip: Keep your back as flat as possible. The only movement here should be your knee driving up toward your chest. A common fault here is the rounding of the back while the knee drives up.

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