The Spartan Fit App Workout of the Week: 3 for 3

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Do you have the mental fortitude to complete this three-exercise, three-round circuit while racing against the clock? Don’t let the easy exercises fool you! This workout is part of our Spartan Challenge series. Spartan Challenges are designed to test Spartans all over the world and set benchmarks for individuals to beat.

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The Workout

For this workout challenge, we have three easy-to-master moves tied together for one crushing challenge. Your objective is to complete all three rounds as quickly as humanly possible. Log your time and come back to it often to see how you improve. Pace yourself and finish like an absolute beast!

The Set-Up

You’ll want some open space for this one because things can get pretty wild pretty quickly. Things start off seemingly simple with bodyweight squats and seal jacks. Easy peasy, right? Wrong! When the burpee shows up to the party, things get real. Pace yourself through the first round to see how you feel and gradually turn up the heat until you reach the final round. For the final round, you should look to empty the tank.

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The Challenge Circuit

Perform three rounds of 30 reps each (270 reps total).

Bodyweight Squat

This is a simple, yet effective, exercise. Being that this is a challenge, there are a few movement standards you need to follow to a T. First of all, your hips must meet or break parallel. Secondly, your hips must reach full extension at the reset position.

Seal Jack

The seal jack is your active recovery before you reach the burpee. Starting position is as follows: Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms fully extended — and elevated — so they are in line with your shoulders and behind your rib cage. You should look like a starfish. To complete one rep, jump your feet in together while clapping your hands together. Reset by jumping your feet out and separating your hands until they are past your rib cage.

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The burpee! This is the wild card exercise in this challenge. It’s what will make or break you. A few key things need to happen here. First of all, your chest should touch the ground at the down position. Secondly, your feet should leave the ground at the up position. Thirdly, your hands should clear the top of your ears at the up position. And lastly, there should be no forward lean while jumping.

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