Bodyweight Training Plan: Day 15 - Pushing

Bodyweight Training Plan: Day 15 - Pushing
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Welcome to week 3 of our Bodyweight Training Plan, Spartan. Bodyweight training is the most functional form of training that you can do. When your body faces a new challenge, it adapts and get stronger. This is our premise for this week.

Starting today, we are putting an extra challenge into our exercises. With the increased challenge, you will see decreased repetitions. Embrace this challenge, Spartan. Your mobility, functionality, and strength are going to see significant gains.


Active Mobilization Dynamic Warm Up

Perform each circuit as 3 super-sets.

Circuit 1

Bear Crawl – 4×8 (7-8 RPE) *Challenge: Try a lateral bear crawl, moving side to side instead of forwards Body Weight Squats – 4×8 (7-8 RPE) *Challenge: Lace your hands behind your head and pull your elbows back, opening up your chest. Can you keep the same depth? Wide Push Ups – 4×8 (7-8 RPE) *Challenge: Can you decrease your box height (if you’re on an incline)? Can you elevate your feet?

Circuit 2

Split Squats – 4×8 (7-8 RPE) *Challenge: Try elevating your rear foot. How has your depth changed? Tricep Dips – 4×8 (7-8 RPE) *Challenge: Try increasing your box height or try tricep dips from a free hang. Calf Raises – 4×8 (7-8 RPE) *Challenge: Stand on a step. Start your calf Raise from a negative (heels below the step) position.

Circuit 3

SL Sit to Stand – 4×8 (7-8 RPE) *Challenge: Can you tap the box instead of sit? Dolphin Push Ups 4×8 (7-8 RPE) *Challenge: Find a wall with space around it. Walk your feet up the wall and push more weight into your upper body. Step Ups 4×8 (7-8 RPE) *Challenge: If you’re stepping up with 2 feet, try stepping up to a balance. Too easy still? Increase your box height.

Core Circuit

Plank to Arm Lift (alternating sides) – 4×8 (7-8 PRE) *Challenge: Lift the opposite leg while you lift the arm. Dead Bug – 4×8 (7-8 RPE) *Challenge: Lower the same side arm and leg. Fight to keep your entire back along the ground.

Cool Down

Foam roll any muscles you feel excessive soreness or tightness

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