3-Way Split Squat

3-Way Split Squat
Presented by Spartan Training®

The 3-Way Split Squat is a combination of three squats we have previously examined:  the regular split squat, the lateral split squat, and the transverse split squat. In short, it is the ultimate split squat.

This combination of movements will help prepare you for anything that our courses might throw at you.


Transverse Lateral Squats will better prepare you in the following Spartan obstacles:

  1. Hill Climbs
  2. Sled Drags
  3. Cargo Net
  4. Atlas Stone Carry

Here are some other similar squats that are frequently featured in the Spartan Workout of the Day.

  1. Standard Bodyweight Squat
  2. Split Squat
  3. Lateral Split Squats
  4. Bulgarian Split Squat
  5. Transverse Split Squat

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