4 Natural Drinks to Substitute for Sugar-Filled Electrolyte Beverages

4 Natural Drinks to Substitute for Sugar-Filled Electrolyte Beverages
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We all know we need to hydrate, but what are the best options? Pure spring water or filtered tap are always great options, but if you’re concerned about electrolytes, see if you can find something new in this list of powerhouses. And for the best results, try using these drinks to wash down your Spartan Hydration Tablets.

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The Best Natural Electrolyte Drinks

1. Lemon Water  

Did you know lemon is high in calcium and vitamin C? (Take note, vegans!) Squeeze half of a lemon into your glass, then fill the rest with water. Try starting your morning with this routine to refresh your cells with vital minerals, as you'll be dehydrated from the lack of water intake over your sleep period.

2. Herbal Tea 

If your goal is hydration, you'll want to avoid loading up on caffeine. That's where herbal tea will be your best friend. There are so many varieties of herbal tea:  Explore and you’re bound to find one you love, each boasting a long list of different nutrients.

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A few of my favorites include:

Lemon balm: produces a great calming effect

Nettle leaf: strengthens your bones

Hibiscus: benefits the heart

Spartan Organic Herbal Tea: reduces oxidative stress, combats colds and respiratory problems, and soothes gastrointestinal issues

Skip the milk and add lemon or — if you're looking for something sweet — a touch of real, raw honey, which adds more minerals.

3. Coconut Water

Young coconut water is naturally rich in electrolytes. It contains potassium, magnesium, and calcium. If you’re not used to coconut water, know that it has a  sweet taste, it’s best served cold, and you may have to try it a few times before you love it. (I did.) It’s now a favorite! When purchasing, look for options that have only one ingredient and no additives or preservatives. 

4. Celery or Cucumber Juice

Freshly-juiced celery juice or cucumber juice will replenish your cells’ needs like nothing else. Celery juice offers great amounts of potassium, calcium, and magnesium, and cucumber juice is hydrating and refreshing as well. 

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And remember: Fresh raw fruits and vegetables have lots of electrolytes as well. Keep sweating, and keep hydrating and fueling with whole, real foods. Your body will thank you for it.

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