Mark Rampolla | Coconuts, Fear, and Entrepreneurship

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What is the connection between Mark Rampolla, Joe De Sena & coconut water? It begins with dysentery, giardia and an ultra race in Fiji. Joe experienced all three, and coconut water saved him. Mark Rampolla, founder of Zico, was introduced to coconut water in the Peace Corps and coconut water changed his life too when he decided it would be the vehicle for his next chapter in life. Why coconut water? In this episode hear how he found his true north, stayed the course, and about the natural power of coconut water. Is it possible to create a life that includes great family, a successful business and a positive impact on the world? Let us know what you think after this episode.

Lessons: 1. If you’re doing something you love, making a positive impact on the world and meeting your definition of success, then you a win.
 2. Burn your ships: when you’re doing something big, don’t allow a way to back out. 3. To overcome fear write your limiting beliefs down then refute them one by one.

Links: Mark Rampolla & PowerPlant Ventures “High-Hanging Fruit” by Mark Rampolla Zico

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