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The Spirit Award celebrates the incredible stories of those who embody Spartan’s values of grit, determination and perseverance.

The Spartan Spirit Award

The Spartan community is comprised of people of all backgrounds, each with their own unique story. To celebrate the inspiration within this community, Spartan has created the Spartan Spirit Awards. Every month, Spartan will award a select group of people who embody the key Spartan values of grit, determination and perseverance. Whether they are a leader on the course or within their community, a relentlessly hard worker or a passionate advocate for others, these Spirit Award winners show what it truly means to be a Spartan.

The Spartan Spirit Award winners are kindly sharing their stories to inspire you to start living your life to the fullest and embrace the grit, determination and perseverance you need to reach your goals.

In June, Spartan presented the Spirit Award to Alyssa Hawley, Fran Martinez and Miles Taylor. Read more about their incredible stories below. And keep an eye out for July’s winners soon.


Fran Martinez

He lost his only child and was ready to give up... but instead, he created something beautiful.

Miles Taylor

A 24-year-old with cerebral palsy who went viral after deadlifting double his body weight.

Alyssa Hawley

In honor of Pride, Spartan is presenting the Spirit Award to Pro Team member Alyssa Hawley.

Kressa Peterson

The inventor of the Shower Toga

Tiffany Smiley

President and Co-Founder of Hope Unseen LLC

Jennifer Herring

Avid Spartan racer

Rebekah Gregory

Survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing

Lorraine Tobierre

Mother of seven

May’s Spartan Spirit Award

What is it all about?


Without the Spartan community and the personal stories of each member, there would be no Spartan. There aren’t many brands that inspire the sense of belonging and community that Spartan does—but Spartan didn’t manufacture that. Spartan community members are the ones doing the work to overcome obstacles, transform their lives and inspire each other. Every time a Spartan embraces adversity and pushes beyond what they thought was possible, they make the community stronger.

Think you know someone who deserves the Spartan Spirit Award? Nominate a Spartan using the form below. Any gender or age can be nominated. And remember—each month, we’ll be spotlighting new honorees across the Spartan website and social channels.


Spartan’s mission is to change 100 million lives by creating more resilient humans. Like forging metal, adversity shapes us and makes us stronger. That’s why Spartan races are so challenging. And that’s why we created the Spartan Forge.

The Spartan Forge is a hardened steel plate with 20 holes and 20 individual pins. Each slot represents a goal to better yourself and those around you. With each goal you accomplish or life you change, place a pin in an empty slot.

When you have filled the Forge with all 20 pins, celebrate! And then empty the Forge and begin a new journey. A Spartan’s work is never done.



Spartan is the global leader in obstacle course racing for a reason - we will challenge you to push beyond your limits. We want you to achieve more. Don’t worry though - there’s no Spartan left behind. We’re ready to lock arms with you and help you along your journey. Whether you’re ready to tackle your first 3 mile Spartan Sprint, or you’re chasing your Trifecta, we’re all in this together. You’ll know at the finish line. Aroo!