012: Mark Webb: Adaptive Athlete, Death Racer


Obstacle immunity became a kind of obsession for Mark Webb after attempting, and failing, the Death Race for the third time. This is the same race that launched Spartan, and is barely fit for mere mortals. First he overhauled his mental toughness, and next his physical, then came redemption and the iconic finisher’s skull. His growth as a human became all too obvious after he lost his leg below the knee in a freak motorcycle accident. In retrospect, the races seemed like a dress rehearsal by comparison, but by now Webb was well tooled to take on the next challenge with grace and an indomitable spirit.


  1. You can’t quit life. You only get one shot at it so you must keep going.
  2. You can’t stop doing the things you love in life because there is risk.
  3. Recognize that you will have days that you don’t want to do your workout so just do a small amount and more often than not you will achieve your goal.
  4. Aim as high as you can for a goal and then chip away with small increments.

Panel Notes:

Searchable Terms: Death Race, ultra endurance racing, motorcycle, accident, spartan race, prosthetics, adaptive athletes, risk

Resources/Mentions: Death Race http://www.peak.com/death-races/

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