How to Perform Bear Crawl Sled Drags Presented By: how to seriesHow to Perform Bear Crawl Sled Drags Presented By:

This week we are taking an SGX animal movement favorite to the next level to improve your exercise repertoire. If you’ve been following the #Spartan30 for the past few months you are already familiar with the Bear Crawl. Now we are going to show you a way to take that basic animal movement into beast mode! This will require some gear to do, but I’m certain you Spartans will find some clever ways to make it happen. Enter the Bear Crawl Sled Drag. This movement involves performing a standard bear crawl and adding a sled drag for the ultimate full body workout. While the primary focus is going to be on your quadriceps you’ll also be using your arms and core to muscle through this intense exercise.

Bear Crawl Sled Drags How To

Putting in hard-work with exercises such as the Bear Crawl Sled Drag will prepare you for climbing the tallest mountains and conquering the hardest Spartan Races out there. Remember to stay focused and never give up. Take everything one step at a time and soon enough you’ll be unbreakable and unstoppable. Add this exercise to your routine and soon enough you will develop obstacle immunity. Say it with me now….Burpee-free-race. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? It is possible and with this exercise you’ll be one step closer to achieving it. Keep training hard Spartan and as always we’ll see you at the finish line. AROO!!!