Lightweight, Vented Training Essentials to Max Your Summer Workouts

Lightweight, Vented Training Essentials to Max Your Summer Workouts
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Well, here we are: It’s the dog days of summer, and right now, the weather for training is brutal. With west-coast forest fires spitting smoke across the country, and unprecedented heat waves slamming states everywhere, cranking out workouts in sweltering temps has become no joke. 

That said, the pursuit of health stops for no one, and no weather pattern. True to Spartan form, we value consistent mind-body training that leverages crappy conditions to cultivate more mental grit and perseverance. And so should you. 

Look, we’re not telling you to work out midday, in 100+ degrees, and give yourself heat stroke. (That’s just dumb.) But, here’s the thing about optimizing your training routine for terrible temps: You can make a few adjustments to take the edge off. 

Start early in the morning, so you can dodge direct sunlight. (If it’s dark out, grab a headlamp.) Choose trails with shady forest features and river crossings for a dunkable pit stop. Carry plenty of water and electrolytes, and fuel up to avoid intense fatigue that goes hand in hand with heat. Opt for high-altitude runs where conditions tend to be cooler, and take your HIIT workouts indoors to your home gym. But above all, dress right for warm weather. (Or, you can kiss your performance goodbye as you plunge into overheated, miserable dire straits.)

Vented, breathable designs and lightweight, synthetic-blend fabrics — like our Spartan X CRAFT gear — go a long way in wicking sweat, avoiding chafe, and keeping you cool. The goal? To suit up smart, so you can crush your workouts and stay on target. Here are our favorite warm-weather essentials, crafted with nordic-inspired technology and innovation, to get you through the summer slog and keep you race-ready for fall. 

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Summer Workout Gear for Epic Workouts in Sizzling Temps


THE TANK: Spartan X Craft Adv Essence Singlet

The Adv Essence Singlet sleeveless performance tee can hang in any warm-weather workout. Super soft polyester jersey fabric sits close to your skin and wicks moisture away, and mesh panels throughout ventilate your core even more on extra hot days. Not to mention, the small concealed zipper pocket at your right hip is the perfect place to stash emergency salt pills so you never bonk. 

THE SHORT: Spartan X Craft Core Essence Relaxed Short

Breathability is not just a bonus with the Core Essence Relaxed Short — it’s a given. Fabric made from recycled polyester and elastane, wrapped in a loose-fitting design, makes this training short a breezy no-brainer. An elastic waistband keeps it snug around your lower torso, and an inner drawcord provides quick size adjustments: Cinch it tight for intensity and undo it to lounge afterward.

THE SHOE: Spartan X Craft OCR Speed Shoe

Brand NEW as of July, the Spartan X Craft OCR Speed Shoe makes you absolutely unbreakable. We took the winning technology of the RD Pro and built this ultra-responsive trail runner that’s even lighter — but equally aggressive — to rip through the world’s toughest obstacles and courses. Its X-shaped forefoot patterning guarantees optimum grip over rough terrain, its Hydrain™ water evacuation ensures optimal drainage, and a reverse contoured heel eliminates unwanted friction. Grab a pair, and destroy miles of wet earth, slick rock, muddy crawls, and more. 

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THE BRA-TANK: Spartan X Craft Mesh Short Top

Support takes on a whole new meaning with the Spartan X Craft Mesh Sport Top. (Think: no more annoying sports bra + tank layering that feels weighty — or worse, chafes.) A high neck and wide built-in elastic band reinforces and bolsters your upper torso without fail. Mesh panels at the front and back make it extra breathable, and a strappy back gives it a feminine flare for extra badass mojo as you crush trails, intervals, and bodyweight workouts like a Spartan pro.  

THE SHORT: Spartan X Craft Eaze Hot Short

These lightweight training shorts are ideal for much more than just racing (though they can hang on the course, too!). Soft jersey fabric wicks moisture during heavy sweat sessions, and an elastic waist with an inner drawcord provides next-to-skin comfort without sacrificing freedom of movement. This silhouette is cut for active women on the go who don’t want to skimp on form, function, or fit. (Bonus: There’s a key pocket sewn in for hands-free days.)

THE SHOE: Spartan X Craft RD Pro

Whether you’re tackling your first OCR or a new season of Trifectas, the RD Pro is our trusted race-day footwear. Active Response™ foam technology provides ample cushioning and absorbs shock during impact to prevent injuries. Hydrain™ technology drains unnecessary ounces of water and mud ASAP. And the OBSTA-Tech outsole system (the world’s first comprehensive approach to traction) ensures optimum grip as you switch angles and tactics on obstacles. Consider these kicks the meanest, most efficient racers on the market. 


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