Spartan Beast Training Plan: Day 12 - Power

Spartan Beast Training Plan: Day 12 - Power
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To adequately develop power, you must increase your strength. That’s our aim today, Spartan. Instead of ramping up our repetitions, focus on your power. Power can be noticed in things such as jump height/ distance, the drive in your legs and arms, and the force in tosses or pushes. To increase these aspects, we’re dropping our repetitions again to focus on our explosiveness.


Dynamic Warm Up

Main Set:

Squat to Overhead Press – 5×6 (8-9 RPE)

Jumping Pull Ups – 5×6 (8-9 RPE)

Broad Jumps – 5×6 (8-9 RPE)

Power Push Ups – 5×6 (8-9 RPE)

Lateral Power Step Ups – 5×6 (8-9 RPE)

  • Instead of facing the box/ bench forward, stand next to the step. You can either perform a full set on one side, or you can switch legs at the top in a lateral skipping fashion.

Vertical Pancake Toss – 5×6 (8-9 RPE).

Plyometric Split Squats – 5x6 (8-9 RPE)

Burpees – 5×6 (8-9 RPE)

Cool Down

Foam Roll any muscles you feel excessive soreness or tightness

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